iZombie: ‘Zombie Knows Best’ Review

Written By: Mathew “JJ” Simoes

So, the first order of business in this review is to apologise for a mistake I picked up on yesterday in my review of iZombie’s season three premiere. The detective character is named is Clive, not Clyde. I have fixed this mistake and will try to avoid similar errs in the future. The second order of business would be the review itself.


This week’s episode of iZombie proved to be a very strong one, particularly when it came to Clive as the show continues to slowly reveal more about his character. It also took a non-linear approach to this exploration of Clive’s past, and it worked well. Wally’s death in the premiere didn’t really do much beyond move the plot forward, but this episode really puts it all into perspective. This also explains Clive’s obsession with Game of Thrones, as iZombie proves once again how excellent it is with using continuity. One particular scene that stood out was Clive and Wally prepping dinner in the kitchen. It is a rare and quiet, domestic moment for Clive but also saddening as we all know Wally’s fate.

The brain food of the week was an interesting and very effective choice on the writer’s part. The whole angry teenager thing is cliché at this point in time, and the show acknowledged it by killing the victims early into their one and only conversation (the one time innocent people dying made me giddy). The show balances out the clichéd nature of Liv and Major’s new personalities by using the other character’s reactions to them, with Ravi and Clive (not Clyde) acting much like the audience would. Major’s conversation with Ravi about Payten was funny, particularly when Major had to make sure they were still friends afterwards (Ravi’s reaction to the whole encounter was priceless). Liv acting like the embarrassingly supportive parent with Clive was also enjoyable. The parent/teenager relationship caused by the brains is also reminiscent of how Live can treat Major at times.


The main arc of the season moves forward as we find out that fear of zombies is growing. It’s now spreading over the internet and people are prepping to bear arms. While the crazy conspiracy theorist will do for now, hopefully the show will introduce a far more complex human villain to spearhead the anti-zombie sentiments. The case for this episode took a surprisingly darker tone than usual as it dealt with statutory rape and one fucked up family relationship. It tied into Clive’s character arc this episode quite well, especially near the episode’s end when he brings in the step-father. While the quality of the weekly cases varies at times, this one has enough twists and turns to keep any viewer engaged.


Also, before I forget, the brain tubes were an interesting addition to the iZombie’s world building, and Liv’s response to Major talking about them was funny. It’s also a shame that Major seems interested in using the brain tubes because watching him play the role of a teenager was fun and I’d like to see something similar happen again. We know Liv won’t be partaking as her typical brain diet is the crux of iZombie’s weekly episode structure.

This week, iZombie put forth a great episode that was funny, had an emotional core and built up larger storylines that will fuel this season.

Mathew’s Rating – 8.5/10


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