iZombie: ‘Wag the Tongue Slowly’ Review

Written By: Mathew “JJ” Simoes

This week’s iZombie proved to be an enjoyable one with many fun and light-hearted moments sprinkled throughout the story.

The case of the week was better that last week’s episode, but not by much. However more was done with Liv’s eating of the victim’s brain this week and it made for a few enjoyable moments in the episode.  Liv gossiping about Payton and Blaine going into the alley was pretty funny, and actually connected to a larger aspect of the story!  While I enjoy the structure of iZombie’s procedural elements of iZombie, a part of me wishes the series would take a more serialized approach.  Not much progress has been made in the season’s larger story arc in these last two episodes, which is disappointing but also really interesting.  The confrontation with the Zombie hating gun nut was terrifying near the end, with Liv and Clive knowing there’s more people like him out in the world ready to blow away a substantial part of the show’s main cast.  I hope going forward, the season’s larger arcs take precedence over the case of the week structure.


The Ravi/Blaine/Payton love triangle is a bit of a mixed bag at this point.  A part of me likes the ethical implications of Blaine’s amnesia and how it has made him a different person, but he was a pretty shitty person (and zombie) up until now.  The level of acceptance he’s getting from the other characters is a little too much.  Part of Ravi’s spiraling (god I hope it ends soon) is pointing this out, and I can’t help but agree with him.  Now even though this seems a little out of character for our main protagonists, I’m hoping that this is building (as stated in the episode three review) to bigger things later on.  Maybe Team Z will want to protect Blaine from Stoll when she discovers that he killed her husband.  Or Blaine has gotten his memories back and is just lying to get what he wants, which is very in character for him.  A larger issue I’ve had with this sub-plot is that it seems to be all Payton is doing so far, this season.  She’s a great character and I was ecstatic when Aly Michalka was promoted to a series regular…but can’t she do more on the show?  Last season she played an integral role in the Mr. Boss sub-plot and proved to be a very capable defense attorney.  Now hopefully her relationship with Blaine will factor more heavily into the season arc sooner, rather than later.

Major’s been the real standout of these last two episodes, with him running into difficulty saving Natalie the way he intended to do originally.  His offering the cure to her was bitter sweet, but he knew that it would be a way for Natalie to truly gain her freedom, and was the most he could do to help her.  The shot at the end of the episode with Major on the plane and his coughing with Ravi early on in the episode show the audience the place Major is in right now, and it’s a dark one (and not as annoying s Ravi’s dark place).  In terms of the episodes use of humour there were a few standout moments, especially in the opening.  Usually the montages of Liv cooking are pretty quick and fluid, so having it get stuck in the bowl was pretty funny.  Ravi walking by the interrogation room to get a close up look of his new favourite porn star was hilarious, as was Clive figuring out why Liv was acting like such a gossip.  I like how Clive hasn’t fully assimilated to Team Z, and the process of getting used to Liv’s zombie nature makes for a great source of humour, and it’s very natural as well.


Over-all this was an enjoyable episode of iZombie, but hopefully the larger plotlines will become of more importance as we move into the mid-season finale.

Mathew’s Rating: 8.3/10

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