Hellboy Film Reboot Announced by Creator Mike Mignola

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Congratulations world, cause Hellboy’s back in film! (maybe). Mike Mignola recently announced on his Facebook page that Hellboy would have another film adaptation, just not the sequel to 2008’s The Golden Army. According to the The Hollywood Reporter this film is tentatively titled, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, and includes Mignola as one of the script writers. Mignola’s co-writers on the script include Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden (a Hellboy franchise veteran). This comes with the announcement of a director, Neil Marshall (The Descent) and a lead actor in the form of Stranger Things’ David Harbour.  The film will be R-rated, which is fitting with the darkness of many Hellboy comics.  There has also been a surge of interest in R-rated comic book films since the success of Deadpool, so that may be another factor in the decision.

Prior to this announcement there were hopes that a third flm would be made in the previous Hellboy film series. Ron Perlman, the previous Hellboy actor, had campaigned online and was a vocal proponent of a sequel to Hellboy: The Golden Army. Director Guillermo Del Toro recently announced after careful consideration that there would be no third Hellboy film in his series, as the money just wasn’t there to make the film a reality.

Image result for hellboy

As a loyal Hellboy fan it saddens me to know that Del Toro will not be making the final film in his trilogy, but at the same time I love that Hellboy will continue to exist in mediums outside of comics. Even though the reboot is coming (and hopefully won’t be put into development limbo), I encourage any of you who haven’t seen the original Hellboy films to give them a viewing.

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