iZombie: ‘Some Like It Hot Mess’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s episode of iZombie offered great laughs, excellent character moments and a new twist in one of the season’s ongoing plot threads.

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Starting with the plot twist, Blaine was faking his amnesia.  It turns out that Blaine’s amnesia was his plan to escape the consequences of his old life, and keep the brain business booming since there was no effective cure.  It’s good to know that Blaine isn’t joining Team Z or becoming one of the good guys, as he’s done way too many shitty things before faking memory loss.  Peyton’s reaction to this news was honest and grounded in her close relationship with her friends.  She was angry for looking like a fool, but was also mad at Blaine for depriving her friends of a cure.  It’s a great moment for Peyton as a character, something she’s been deprived of for the last five episodes.  While Blaine was faking his amnesia, and seemed very angry about how Peyton reacted, the episode establishes that he was trying to be a good guy.  He hasn’t done anything illegal, he told Peyton the truth, and he does seem to truly care about her.  Blaine’s relationship with Team Z and Peyton will probably factor into the culmination of this season’s various plot-lines.  This episode made no new developments in the growing conflict between humans and zombies, but I have a feeling that the cure will be of grave importance to both sides of the conflict.  Blaine’s amnesia story-line is also finally connecting to the other elements of the season as he brews his own batch of the cure, and there seems to be a growing demand for it.  I’m interested in how the mass production of a cure affects Filmore Graves and Blaine’s father, who rely on the existence of zombies.

The comedy in this episode was well done, and used to great effect.  The episode’s opening was one of it’s best comedic moments, with Major’s immense craving for human food.  I guess brains are nice, but human food is greatly missed when one is a zombie.  Considering the emotional cliff-hanger ending of last week’s episode, it was a good way to begin the next chapter of the season.  Liv’s brain food this week led to some very hilarious moments, with Liv’s new party loving personality rubbing everyone the wrong way.  He flirting, drinking on the job and lack of professionalism made for some very fun interaction with Clive.  The case of the week also factored into a larger plot-line, with Liv’s absentmindedness providing Blaine the cure ingredients.  Self referential humor has been present in the last two or three episodes, and it’s fun to see things from the perspective of other characters.  Between seeing Liv awkwardly pause when having a vision and suspects questioning her knowledge of them, it’s great to see how her abilities appear to others.

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There were some great character character interactions this episode, with Clive finding out about Liv in planning to take the cure being the most heartwarming.  Liv had a difficult time being a zombie at first, with her police work giving her a purpose for it, and it’s nice to see them discuss that when faced with the possible end of their working relationship.  Clive was closed off in the beginning of iZombie, keeping the personal separate from the professional, but this scene is an example of how close he and Liv have become over the past two seasons.  Major’s journey this episode was tough to watch, as things only seemed to get worse as his memory faded, but it did lead to a touching moment with Liv,  and due to her brain it ended in a selfie.  This episode focused a lot on how far the characters have come and how closely bonded they are to each other.  Having Major return home in a time of crisis was a nice addition to his story, and it provided some information on his childhood.

This week iZombie delivered a great episode that added a new wrinkle to an already promising season long story arc.

Mathew’s Rating – 8.7/10

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