iZombie: ‘Eat a Knievel’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s episode of iZombie offered up an incredibly hilarious daredevil Liv, and made some surprising new developments in the season’s ongoing plot threads.

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Liv on daredevil stunt-man brain was just the best thing to watch.  She was horribly inappropriate on the job, which always makes for the best comedy between her and Clive.  The suspense in waiting for him to realize that he was drinking ‘fixed’ coffee made for great comedy.  Clive’s discovery of Zombies has been handled really well this season, because even eight episodes in he still can’t get used to her personality changes.  Liv’s date with Major’s friend was a really sweet moment, particularly because they were on the same brains.  After chugging possibly, the worst energy drinks ever made, they have an intense, and intimate moment in the park, which for purely great timing is ruined by Liv’s visions.  It’s nice to see that Liv’s learning from her previous relationships that dates go better when both zombies are on the same brain.

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Okay, so major developments in several ongoing story-lines.  First of all, the leadership of Filmore Graves died in a helicopter crash.  And an abrupt one at that.  While it seems that they may be gone, I doubt it.  Stoll was killed off too easily and frankly her connection with Blaine is to good to just get rid of her character this early in the season.  This has to be a ploy of some kind, so it adds new levels of suspense to the larger season arc.  Filmore Graves has also become aware of the existence of a cure, though it remains to be seen what they’ll do about it.  Speaking of how Graves will react to the cure, both the old and new military officer seem to prefer extreme measures as a response.  This has also been referenced before in the season, so this may all be building to a larger, more intricate plan conceived by Stoll.

The anti-zombie movement has grown, and now has proof of zombies.  Though many will dismiss the video as fabricated, it has to have some influence on their recruitment drive.  They are growing, and have become more organized.  It remains to be seen how much of a threat they’ll become as we move into the final stretch of episodes, but Ravi will definitely be in danger. That end scene with Ravi looking at liv establishes that his undercover mission will be a difficult one, adding some great suspense for future episodes.  It’s an interesting place to take his character, and until the search for the cure resumes it gives Ravi something to do besides his day job.

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Blaine’s back, and he’s bad to the bone again.  Blaine’s death turned him back into a zombie, and he’s deadlier than ever.  He’s killed his dad and taken over the business.  His father’s attempts to take the zombie business global is interesting, but it remains to be seen what Blaine does with this business model.  Blaine’s dad is so much of a prick that you can’t help but be on Blaine’s side, but he has refused to kill his father on multiple occasions.  Despite his father trying to kill him, Blaine shows mercy, so there may be some part of him left that loves his father.  Blaine has already shown his capacity to care for another person with Peyton, so his father isn’t much of a stretch.  Blaine upbringing was hard, and seeing Blaine interact with his father makes it pretty clear why Blaine turned out the way he did.  Blaine’s character has become more complex as this series has continued, and this episode moves his arc forward in the right direction.  Speaking of Peyton, she is noticeably absent this episode, but that’s probably because the brain she needs Liv to eat is still soaking in Ravi’s brain juice.

iZombie provided a solid piece of entertainment with great comedic moments and several wrinkles to the season’s larger narrative.

Mathew’s Rating – 8.8/10

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