iZombie: ‘Twenty Sided, Die’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

So this week’s iZombie did wonders for the series long running plot threads, as well as add some new twists to an already great story.

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For weeks the anti-zombie movement has been steadily growing and searching for proof of zombies.  Now it seems they’ve taken action and gotten definitive proof that would be hard for most disbelievers to refute.  They’ve managed to kidnap Don-E, and are planing to live stream this event to the world.  This raises the stakes quite a bit for Team Z, and is a great cliffhanger to end the episode on as we get closer to the season finale.  Another great thing about this plot development is that it ties Blaine and his business story line into the season’s larger narrative arc.  Another development in the human zombie conflict is the attempted assassination of the zombie mayoral candidate.  I doubt that the attack came from the anti-zombie group, as they would have gone for the head.  This could either be part of a larger Filmore Graves plan (which I’m sure exists), or is connected to Peyton’s inquiries into a closed case (which I’ll get more into later).  Also Filmore Graves new leader, whose name is on the company, seems very sinister.  That may just be the actor, who seems sinister regardless of what role he plays, but I’m curios as to how he fits into the season’s narrative.

Speaking of Blaine, he’s found a new business opportunity by soaking brains in Ravi’s blue juice formula.  I’m not quite sure what the significance of this development is to the larger narrative, but it makes for some great scenes.  The blue juice makes the visions zombies get from brains far more potent, and seems to essentially act like drugs for them.

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One of the more recent plot threads this season was Peyton re-examining one of Liv and Clive’s old cases.  Now, I love the idea of taking one of their cases and extending it over several episodes, but this plot thread is moving a little to slow.  It was absent last week, and so far it seems the writer dedicate about four minutes to it each episode.  This episode only made one new development in the story, that the DA and soon to be mayor doesn’t want Peyton looking into the case any further.  While the significance of this encounter won’t be revealed as of yet, the return of Mr. Boss can’t be a coincidence.  He had ties to all the powerful men in Seattle, so it’s a good bet that he’s somehow involved in this.  His return was welcome, as I look forward to seeing how iZombie ties up his story line, which was left open ended last season.

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The biggest flaw in this episode is the case of the week, which was pretty dull.  Beyond a very funny game of dungeons and dragons played by Team Z, there wasn’t much there to enjoy.   Watching the Game of Thrones loving Clive get very invested in the game’s story was hilarious.  The best part of the case came when it was given to the FBI and Bozzio.  Her return to the series led to a great scene with Clive, where he tried to talk to her but she turned him away.  It seems she’s still angry about not getting the truth from him at the end of season 2.  What would have made this episode better is having Bozzio appear earlier, and having them work the case together.  This would have made for a better episode, but hopefully Bozzio returned for more than just a one off appearance this season.  Hopefully this case continues in the next few episodes, as the FBI was only brought in after an interesting twist in the case took place. I’m interested to see what they uncover in their investigation.

Major, having been let go from Filmore Graves.  With very few people to talk to, or people he’s comfortable talking to, he has turned to s stranger.  She has also been accused of a crime she never committed, so they have something in common.  Not much of the episode was spent on it, so I’m curious to see where the writers take this story.

Even though the episode developed many different plot threads in interesting ways, it’s quality was brought down by a boring case of the week story.

Mathew’s Rating – 7/10

What did you think of this weeks episode of iZombie? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and please follow the site if you like what you see!

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