American Gods: ‘A Murder of Gods’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Holy fuck, gods can be killed!  Both Vulcan and Mexican Jesus bit the dust last week, and man was that interesting.  Since the gods existence are based in belief, can they really die?  Considering that gods are based on human belief, and that belief would continue after their deaths, I’m curious what death means for a God.  Hopefully the show will elaborate on this in the future, cause at the moment it’s pretty puzzling.

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This episode explored one of America’s biggest cultural fascinations, guns.  A new god was introduced this week in the form of Vulcan.  Starting in the last episode, the show has been exploring the idea of re-branding, and it seems like Vulcan’s with the new gods on the matter.  Vulcan took up their offer to re-brand his name and connect him to something more modern to maintain his power, in this case it was guns.  People believe in their version of America, just like there are different versions of gods.  Connecting belief and faith to guns is an interesting statement, but an astute one as well.  Vulcan’s story goes back to the personal conflict of staying who you are or changing to get ahead, or to be put much simply, sell out.

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It seems the show is now splitting it’s time between Shadow’s journey and Laura’s journey.   Laura’s storyline continues to be as engaging as ever, with the inclusion of Mad Sweeney only making it more fun to watch.  Sweeney and Laura seem to be the break out characters so far, and I’m glad they’ve been given more of a focus.  Their back and forth is on par with that of Shadow’s and Wednesday’s.  The one issue with this would be that I see how it ties thematically into the larger narrative.  Both Laura, and Salem (who I’m glad is back), are searching for their place in the world.  By the end of the episode we find out what keeps them going.  Laura believes that life is great, and Salem believes that God is great.

In terms of plot development, nothing much really happened.  The episode focused more on character and themes, which was great.  The only real plot development that happened was that Mr. World’s intentions are made more overtly clear.  We got most of it last week but now viewers know for sure he means to stops Wednesday’s planned uprising.  With Wednesday’s killing of Vulcan and his rejection of the new god’s extended hand, it seems that war has officially begun.  Speaking of Vulcan, one more thing of note was the town of Vulcan, Virginia.  It was both quaint small-town America, yet also something eerily unnatural.  This made for a very surreal back drop, and it’s a shame not much time was spent on it.

Despite not being heavy on plot, the style of American Gods and some great character interactions made for a solid episode.

Mathew’s Rating – 8/10

What do you, our wonderful readers, think of American Gods’ latest episode? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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