iZombie: ‘Return of the Dead Guy’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

iZombie’s issue tends to be case of the week stories that are not connected to the larger story threads being told, which is odd considering its small episode orders.  Near the end of the show’s third season, it seems that iZombie has discovered a great way to balance it’s monster of the week structure with it’s larger storylines.  Liv ate the brain of the dominatrix killer, which led to her and Clive discovering there was so much more to his suicide than previously thought.

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The zombie – human conflict moved fairly slowly during the first eight episodes of the season, but that storyline moved forward in large strides this week.  Team Z is finally in direct conflict with the anti-zombie movement, and this is a good thing.  Going into the final stretch of episodes, it’s great to see all the storylines progressing to their climax. Ravi’s really stepping up in Team Z with his infiltration of the anti – zombie group, and watching him try to save Don E was the most thrilling part of the episode.  This also led to a great cliff-hanger, and I can’t wait to see how it gets resolved next week.  Speaking of which, Filmore Graves is involved in the death of the dominatrix killer.  After Clive and Liv pay a visit to the killer’s daughter, it’s revealed that the two are zombies, and they are eating the brain tubes.  It seems whatever went down with dominatrix that was caught on tape, it involves zombies.  Considering the fact that the mayor was seeing the dominatrix as well (revealed in previous episodes), that video may have threatened Filmore Graves’ mayoral candidate.

This episode involved big plot developments, but there were some great character moments as well.  It was great to see Liv and Peyton being given the spotlight this week. They’re best friends, and the beginning of this episode worked well in that regard.  One of the episode’s best scenes was Clive and Peyton make awkward small talk as Liv had a vision.  It’s cool to see Liv’s zombie life from different perspectives.  Liv’s character arc was interesting, as she had to deal with two different boyfriends. Drake wasn’t given much time to grow on audiences last season, so it was nice to see the show give his and Liv’s relationship some closure.  Liv’s hallucinations of Drake also made for some great comedy, particularly when she uses it to cover up the fact that she was talking to mice.  Liv’s relationship with Justin, much like her relationship with Drake in Season 2, isn’t very developed.  It feels very much in the background of everything else, which isn’t always a bad thing, but considering his connection to Fillmore Graves, I’d prefer if more time was spent developing it.

I have no idea what’s going on with Major, but at least he’s happy.  Considering all the storylines happening at the moment, and the fact that there are only three episodes left to tie it all together, this sub-plot doesn’t seem necessary.  Hopefully it will prove to be important before the season’s over, but at the moment it’s keeping Major on the side-lines while all the other characters are becoming heavily involved in the larger story.

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Blaine’s business has really taken the next step, and at the same time the series brought back Mr. Boss in an interesting way.  Boss now knows the truth, and Blaine’s business plan now has an international distributor.  Blaine was also dragged into the season’s larger arc by the kidnapping of Don E.  I’m hoping that this will bring him into contact with Stoll, as Blaine was responsible for the death of her husband.

This week’s iZombie episode was fantastic in many ways, thought the series need to work on developing Liv’s romantic pairings, and tie Major’s new relationship into the larger season arc, so it’s inclusion doesn’t drag the next three episodes down.

Mathew’s Rating – 8/10

What did you think of this week’s episode of iZombie?  Feel free to leave your thoughts on that, or anything else really, in out comments section.

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