Round-Up Review of EA’s E3 Conference

Written By: Artur Galvao

So, these are going to brief reviews of the conference’s happening in E3 from the major gaming companies. First, we will be looking at EA’s Conference. Keep in mind I tend to dislike EA press conferences because they are usually poorly done but this one wasn’t so bad. It was decent. Lastly, keep in mind I will only be discussing things I’m excited about and some of the highlights.

First, we start off with Madden 18, which was what EA presented first. Now, as expected they will have updated squads and graphics, but EA is presenting this as the most innovative Madden game in a decade, which is believable and should be expected. However, perhaps the innovation comes from the addition of a new story mode. This is where you step into the shoes of an up-and-coming football player from his days of playing with his dad to being drafted into the NFL. This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it seems as every EA sports franchise is developing a story which I think is great. After several years of Manger mode, online and local co-op these games can start becoming repetitive and feel like yearly cash-grabs, which are major criticisms of the franchise. And this new gameplay mode seems to attempt to squash these criticisms. Overall, I’m excited for this aspect in what seems to be a new chapter into EA’s sports games.

When can I play it? August 25th, 2017

Where can I play it? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

Continuing EA’s sports title is FIFA 18. Full disclosure, I buy ever FIFA game despite knowing the reviews and criticisms. But how does FIFA 18 stack up against their previous titles? Apart from the usual better graphics, better mocap and updated squads, we are getting a sequel to Alex Hunter’s story line. Which means if you want to understand the story you actually have to buy FIFA 17 first, which is a smart financial method because before you never had to buy the previous game, you could just jump into the next instalment. I enjoyed Alex Hunter’s story in FIFA 17 and look forward to seeing what EA does with his story in FIFA 18. Here’s a thought, maybe allow him to transfer to different leagues and play in the champion’s league or maybe the world cup, where you can choose to play for England. However, it could be even better if, for example, your family immigrates to England and you get to pick the nation you play for. That would be amazing to play but its up to EA to see what they do with the narrative.

When can I play it? September 26 in the US, while those in other countries will see it released on September 29.

What can I play it on? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

The new Need for Speed game is going full Fast and Furious. Prepare yourself for explosions, family, and stilted dialogue. Need for Speed has been edging closer and closer to the Fast and Furious franchise over the years. But this is the first game to flagrantly try to capture the vibe of the blockbusters series. See for yourself with the trailer. This could be for the better but it remains for us to see how the gameplay is because it feels that majority of the presentation felt like fake gameplay. But overall, I’m cautiously excited for this installment.

When can I play it? November 11, 2017

What can I play it on? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

EA will release a new game from Hazelight — the studio founded by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares — called A Way Out. It’s a co-op prison break game that you can only be played in cooperative split-screen. A Way Out is a story-driven, co-op prison break game that will feature exploration, driving, action, and more, Fares said on stage. “I wanted to make another game that pushed the boundaries on how to tell stories without compromising on gameplay.” Players will either control Vincent or Leo. Both characters have stories that will play out simultaneously on-screen; even if one character is in a cut-scene, players can still control the other.

When can I play it?  Early 2018

Where can I play it? What can I play it on? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio),                       and PC.

Lastly, we have Star Wars: Battlefront II. It would seem that EA has listened to fan criticism from their previous game and are looking to improve. If I recall correctly they said this game will have 3x the content from its predecessor, so maybe the Battlefront II will actually be a full game. Something to look for is a story mode, which was something desperately needed in the first one. This story takes place between Star Wars Episode 6 and Episode 7. The story is from the Empire’s point-of-view which is nice considering we haven’t had an imperial focused narrative in a while. Overall it’s bigger and hopefully better than Battlefront I.

When can I play it? November 17, 2017

What can I play it on? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

Also, they talked about Battlefield 1, which I’m not too concerned with because the game has already been released and it seems like they are saving more for other conferences/events.

Overall this was pretty decent conference. Well done EA. Now, we turn our attention to Microsoft’s Press Conference…

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