Round-Up Review of Bethesda’s E3 Conference

Written by: Artur Galvao

Now, let’s discuss a company that’s doing very well, Bethesda. So dearly beloved because of titles like Doom, Fallout, and Skyrim, unlike EA, Bethesda has a pretty good track record at E3 but this conference was poorly done. Bethesda’s press conference can be summed up best by a fellow YouTuber, which is, “wow Bethesda, if I wanted to watch someone jerk themselves off for a couple of hours I would have just gone on omegle” -Projared.  What is perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the conference was that the majority of it was a pre-made video

At first Bethesda starts their presentation by announcing different versions of games they have already released like Doom VFR, Fallout 4 VR and an expansion to the title I forgot existed, Elder Scrolls Online. Is this good or bad? Doom in VR sounds fantastic and I would to play it. As for Fallout VR, we knew it was happening and it looked decent and could be enjoyable. For Elder Scrolls Online, the expansion will not make me play again, so to me it didn’t matter but for people that like the series, have at it. These were all brief and didn’t serve any real purpose but could be pleasant. No specific release date was announced yet, but Doom VFR is set to launch by the end of the year.


The next “big” they demonstrated was the “Creation Club” which will bring paid mods to Bethesda games. The new Creation Club looks like it’ll allow Bethesda and various outside developers to create mods and other content for Bethesda games. You’ll have to spend credits to download new content, and it’s a safe bet that those credits will cost money. Now, you guys tell me why would I pay for mods when you can get them free on PC. It just seems like another way for them squeeze more money out of their fans. Also, they are adding payed mods to a 6-year-old game (Skyrim), but tell me what other mods could be made that would warrant paying actual money.

Alright with all that out of the way, we finally get to look at some of the games. The first Dishonored game had excellent expansions, putting players in the shoes of antagonist Daud and his protege Billie Lurk. Now, there’s a new standalone story set in the universe, set apparently after the events of Dishonored 2. Lurk and Daud are back, and they’re teaming up to kill the Outsider, an emo folk deity who has driven the events of the series so far.

When can I play it? September 15th.

Where can I play it? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game is set in 1961 America and features a cast of pulp movie archetypes. If you want to shoot Nazis in a video game this year, maybe this will be a good way to do it!

When can I play it? October 27th.

Where can I play it? PS4, Xbox One (including Scorpio), and PC

Apart from those things, it was a pretty mundane affair, with not to much to talk about, but hey let’s be optimistic. Bethesda’s plans could work out beautifully. Now we turn our attention to Ubisoft. 

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