Round-Up Review of Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Written by: Artur Galvao

Before starting this review, you need to know that I am a PlayStation/Nintendo nerd, not so much for Xbox. Although, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with Microsoft’s Conference. We’ll get more in depth in a later segment but one the main reason why this was a good conference was their backing of indie games, which they showed a lot. Something else that made the conference better was the absence of heavy Xbox titles like Halo and Gears of War, which is unusual for Microsoft.


Alright let’s jump right into the first and worst part of the conference, which was the unveiling of project Scorpio, named the Xbox One X. First things first, that is just a stupid name (first we get the Xbox One, then Xbox One S and now Xbox One X). I understand the reason for calling it that as they wanted to maintain the Xbox One title line, but seriously, x? From a marketing stand point it’s a terrible idea. Microsoft, along with the of the gaming world should have learned from Nintendo mistakes with marketing of the WiiU. The issue is people will get confused over differentiating between consoles. Also, this presentation goes from bad to worst with a price tag of $499 US or $599 CAD. This is completely absurd the specs within the system does warrant this outrages price tag. So, what if games load fast and can be played in 4K, that alone does require that much money. Now, I live in Canada so if I were to buy one then I be spending with tax $676.87. Add maybe another $500 and I can potentially build a better PC. Which is also confusing because all the games showcased were compatible with Windows 10. There were no exclusive game for the Xbox One X, which once again makes you wonder, WHY IS THIS MACHINE WORTH $499 US!? Wow that a lot of negative, let’s look at something positive. The system looks to be small which is good when transporting it, and that’s pretty much it for the Xbox One X.

When Can I Buy it? November 7, 2017

How much is it? $499 US


Jumping to Microsoft system now with the original Xbox. Microsoft went back to their first console at this E3, announcing that Xbox One will support some original Xbox games too. One of the first will be beloved flight game Crimson Skies; we’ll be learning more about the program later this year. I think this is fantastic, especially if they can bring back online for some of these games.

Alright let’s finally get into some games. The first one I want to talk about briefly is Assassin’s Creed: Origins. A series that for some reason still does not take place in feudal japan. But I digress, Assassin’s Creed: Origins takes in ancient Egypt, which is a cool idea considering that every other game in the series was taken place closer and closer to modern times. For a better review of this showcase, Nick already wrote a review on it,  so make sure you check that out.  We’ll no doubt be learning more about the game during Ubisoft’s press conference on Monday at 4:00PM EDT.

When can I play it? October 27, 2017

Where can I play it? Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Let’s continue on to what seemed to be the big game unveiling, Bio-Ware’s Anthem. Bioware—the studio behind the likes of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic—has a new sci-fi game in the works. Dubbed Anthem, the game is a third-person MMO shooter featuring exo-suit combat, a lush open world, and four-player co-op. Also, jetpacks. Now I’m cautious for this one because I’m not entirely convinced that the video was real. But jetpacks! And this looks like a Destiny-esque. But, jetpacks! In addition, I’m not too excited over the fact that after fantastic flying and under-water scenes that looked beautiful it just becomes a third-person shooter. But JETPACKS!

When can I play it? Fall 2018

Where can I play it? Xbox One and PlayStation 4, PC

At Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, we got a first look at the previously (and inadvertently) announced Dragon Ball fighting game from the studio behind Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Fighter Z. See it in action in the video above. The game features 2D fighting and has 3v3 brawls, which look about as chaotic as you’d expect from Dragon Ball. Fighters include Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu, and more. Now this I am very excited for, because it seems that we might be going back to the fighting style of Dragon Ball: Budokai 3, which one my favorite DBZ fighting game.

When can I play it? early 2018 release.

Where can I play it? Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Some of other games people should keep an eye out for are

Ori And the Will of the Wisps

A sequel to the critically acclaimed Ori and the blind forest

Sea of Thieves

A new game from Rare studio, a pirate action-adventure video and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.


The couple listed are titles that I’m either not familiar with enough and could not write an honest review and the titles below are the one’s I’m not particularly exited for

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Forza Motorsport 7

Metro: Exodus


State of Decay 2

Overall this was a pretty well done press conference done by Microsoft, with almost 40 games shown. I’m excited for the games… just not the hardware. Next, we look at Bethesda’s Press Conference.

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