Round-Up Review of PlayStation’s E3 Conference

Written By: Artur Galvao

Before getting underway with this review, I have to say that I have a personal bias towards to the PlayStation brand, titles and consoles due to growing up with Sony’s gaming platform. You’d think I would be fan-boying all over place over their announcements. However, I, myself being a fan of PlayStation, have become more critical of them thus I expect greatness and innovation. Now, how did they do at their E3 Conference? PlayStation usually presents an immersive experience and they did just that once again. They did so by providing a cool introduction with compelling/somber music and water fall demonstrating symbols of the upcoming game. It was adequate with only some moment of brilliance that I’m excited for.


First, we start with developers Naughty Dog, with the presentation of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. We got small glimpse of gameplay but it was during a montage thus making it difficult to see if it was genuine. However, I don’t think this was the best way to begin the conference because everyone knew this game was coming and the presentation did not offer up much more. Nevertheless, its another Uncharted game so I will for sure play it and love it.

When can I play it? August 22, 2017

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (exclusive)

Next, we have an expansion to one of the best game this year, Horizon Zero Dawn, titled Frozen Wilds. I would say this looks great but they did not show anything, just announced it. So, if you like Horizon Zero Dawn then YAY more content. Horizon Zero Dawn left players off on a cliffhanger, so hopefully, the DLC will answer a few lingering questions.

When can I play it?  Sometime this year

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (exclusive)

After, from SIE Bend Studio they showed Days Gone and it still looks a lot like The Last Of Us but with motorcycles. The video shown on-stage gave us a better glimpse of its gameplay with open environments, its improvised weaponry, and the ability to turn a seething tide of zombies against your opponents.

When can I play it? Late 2017

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (exclusive)

Now for the series that I have never played and actively get told I should, Monster Hunter. So, this review will be from an outsider looking in. Sony showed on screen Monster Hunter World, and interesting enough according to a press release from Capcom, the game will support up to four-player co-op “in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the west.” From what I saw the game looked stunning and this might just be the introduction to the series I needed.

When can I play it? Early 2018

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4, Xbox One in early 2018 and coming to PC later

Shadow of the Colossus made a surprise appearance at the Sony E3 2017 press conference. Just a few hours after fans discovered a trademark filing for a new Shadow of the Colossus game, Sony lifted the lid on the PS4 remake. The new Shadow of the Colossus appears to have been built from the ground-up, featuring impressive new visuals and animations. It looks like the game will follow the same structure as the original, as players attempt to figure out how to defeat giant beasts. It was created by the team behind The Last Guardian and ICO. Sony didn’t give an exact release date for the PS4 remake, beyond confirming that it would launch in 2018. This is one of my favorite games of all time and I can’t wait to play with updated graphics.

When can I play it? Sometime in 2018

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)

AND ONCE AGAIN AT ANOTHER PRESS CONFERENCE WE’RE SHOWN SKYRIM, look I like the game but 6 years old. Bethesda just keeps milking this cow until there will be literally nothing left to do with it.

When can I play it? I don’t want to

Where can I play it? Apparently Everywhere!

This section will focus on the VR titles which I’m not excited or know anything about them. Along the latter this section of the showing had to do a lot with VR, but the title Star Child is in VR but I don’t know how the VR will be used in this. Frankly I don’t know anything about this game. No release date, and no gameplay. It seems to be a 2D Platformer. After, we get to see what looks to be a psychological thriller VR game. Then we can crack open a cold one with the boys in VR. And not just any boys — the FFXV boys! So, yea there is a Final Fantasy 15 Fishing VR game… sure why not. The last couple of VR games shown got me very excited about and one of them I almost had forgotten about while writing this review. So the latter was VR shooter call Bravo Team and the other is called Moss. According to Tam Armstrong Game Developer & Co-Founder, Polyarc:

Moss tells the tale of the first adventure of an unlikely hero named Quill—a small mouse from a remote forest settlement who is fated to be the key in a much larger story. One day while exploring the woods she finds a mysterious stone and an ancient magic is awakened, linking you together in an extraordinary alliance. In gameplay, her skills are complementary to yours. You’ll guide her actions through familiar action-adventure controls, while also directly manipulating the field of play as your own character. Mutual communication and shared victories will only strengthen your connection to each other and further your joint resolve.”

Image result for playstation vr

Back to non-VR territory with a presentation of God of War, which still looks fantastic and I can’t wait to play. The cinematic shown on-screen was half gameplay and half story trailer for the game. The trailer focused on the journey Kratos takes with his son Atreus in the reboot of the franchise. It showcased the hack-and-slash combat the God of War series is famed for and revealed the humongous monsters’ fans will battle in the PS4 exclusive.

When can I play it? Early 2018

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)

The latest trailer for Quantic Dream’s story-driven thriller Detroit: Become Human introduces a new character named Markus, an android fighting for freedom through any means necessary. The footage briefly follows Markus as he rallies other androids and leads riots against their human captors. Quantic Dream unveiled Detroit: Become Human for PlayStation 4 in 2015 during Paris Games Week. As with previous Quantic Dream games, players’ choices will shape the outcome of the game. At E3 last year, the developer played out several scenarios in which Connor must negotiate with a hostile android in order to save a little girl. Overall, this looked decent but I recall not enjoying Beyond: Two Souls and I hope the faults of the game don’t translate to this one.

When can I play it? Late 2017

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)

I didn’t like the first, but hey the next one could be better. Let’s be optimistic over Destiny 2. All we got a was cinematic story trailer, with no gameplay.

When can I play it? September 6

Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Spider-Man hasn’t had a breakout video game in over a decade. The last one I remembered loving was Ultimate Spider-Man. The PS4 exclusive is making an effort to break the trend. The new trailer, shown at E3 2017, is full of goofy humor, acrobatics, and breakneck combat. Unrelated to the upcoming film and current comics, it promises a new standalone story for the web-slinger. Now, finally, we got a full gameplay trailer, something this conference desperately needed. The gameplay looked to be fluid and heroic. For example, unlike in other games, during the quick-time events you feel heroic because you’re saving people from a crashing helicopter. This makes you feel like Spider-man, just like how the Arkham games made you feel like Batman. Speaking of the Arkham games, Spider-Man seems to use style of predator mode. Overall, I’m excited and will be pre-ordering this game.

When can I play? Sometime in 2018

Where can I play? PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)

Overall PlayStation’s press conference was enjoyable, I just wished there more substance to it. Now, on to the last conference, Nintendo’s. 

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