iZombie: ‘Conspiracy Weary’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

So much happened this week on iZombie, as the series move towards it’s season finale in the next few weeks.

So, holy shit.  For the last ten episodes, the season has been building up various plot threads that are now coming together in pretty interesting ways.  The biggest reveal, well it’s actually pretty hard to decide which one was the biggest.  I guess I’ll start with the cliff-hanger.  The world now knows about Zombies, or at least they’re more informed than before.  It turns out Ravi’s budding love interest in the anti-zombie group was actually using the group for her journalistic investigation, and Ravi was nice enough to tell her everything about zombies.  Now the words out, Seattle is invested with zombies.  Now the result of this reveal will be interesting, because this season has gone to great lengths to show how unwilling the majority are to believe in zombies.  I’m curious to see public reactions to this news story, and I’m also curious as to where Rachel found that picture of Liv.  I’m pretty sure that was from the pilot… so where’d she get it from?

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The next big reveal, was that everything is connected.  Peyton has connected the dominatrix killer’s suicide to the mayor, through the zombification of the Weckler’s daughter, Tatum.  It seems that the mayor wanted to protect his campaign, as he frequented the domintrix from time to time, so he had her recordings stolen, by Weckler. Peyton then connects the mayor to the deaths of both Weckler and the prison guard who killed him. Now this would be a simple political corruption story, if it wasn’t combined with two other incidents this episode.  Harley, the anti-zombie movement leader, was turned into a zombie, which is a pretty apt punishment.  Shortly before this reveal though, Liv discovered that Harley didn’t kill the family from the premiere, and this leaves us wondering, who did?  Now these are separate threads waiting for a connection, which keeps the suspense going for the two-part season finale.  Now the logical connection is Filmore Graves, since what who else knew about Harley’s hideout, and Peyton even said she doubted that the mayor would get his own hands dirty.  Maybe he called in his local paramilitary force for assistance?  The zombie family killing is a little harder to speculate on, but Graves does have a larger agenda going on in the background, as they prepare the move to zombie island.  We’ll have to wait till next week to discover the truth, and this episode did a great job of building up what is hopefully a great reveal.

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This episode also had an exciting and action packed opening rescue of Don E.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen Liv in full on badass mode, and it was made even better by having Blaine join in.  It was awesome human vs zombie fighting that ended with the Filmore Graves response team mowing down the last couple anti-zombie followers.   One of the openings stand out moments was Harley watching his friends get slaughtered by Filmore Graves, and seeing the fear in his eyes.  It was a brutal opening that immediately gets your attention.

Liv being on conspiracy theory brain, amid being in an actual conspiracy, was great.  It made for some great comedic moments, and it tied in perfectly to the larger narrative.  It’s simple, yet perfect as it adds an obstacle for Liv in the episode and is played for great laughs.  This along with the previous episode’s brain proves that iZombie doesn’t need a different case every week disconnected from the larger narrative to provide Liv a brain.  Hopefully the writers see this great response and make future seasons of the series more serialized, while still providing Liv with a different brain each week.

The funniest moments this episode all involved visions.  The first was Liv, Blaine and Don E having shared vision, with Don E then calling it a ‘three-way’.  Seeing them all pause together to experience the hallucination was funny, and odd at the same time.  It really must be weird seeing Liv have visions every week.  The next best moment involving visions is when Peyton used her knowledge of how Liv acts during one, to notice that Tatum is having one, therefore confirming her zombeism.

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Major’s romantic excursion ended badly this week, when he realized that he was being lied to.  I know this little sub-plot is dealing with the loneliness he feels after being publicly outed as the chaos killer (or I guess kidnapper).  I just feel like this could have been done in a way that ties more into the larger narrative, instead of feeling like a distraction from it.  That being said, I really enjoyed the t-shirts that his fellow officer was wearing.  That was pretty damn funny.

Over all this was a great episode that brought many different plot threads much closer together, and brought some funny moments.

Mathew’s Rating – 8.7/10

What did you think of this week’s iZombie, or my review?  Leave a thought in the comments section, and have wonderful day.

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