Round-Up Review of Nintendo’s E3 Conference

Written by: Artur Galvao

Nintendo was the final company to host an E3 2017 press conference this year. With all the other companies having okay to decent press conferences, Nintendo had opportunity smash E3 with a big announcement. How did Nintendo do?  Their broadcast was a noteworthy one. While not nearly as long as Sony or Microsoft’s respective briefings, there were big announcements, including that of a new Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch and Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo’s E3 Presentation was followed immediately after by Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream, which brought word of another Metroid game that’s on the way, this one for 3DS. However, this will be a review of main press conference, not the livestream.

You can find all of our coverage of the event below. For our complete E3 2017 coverage, head to Talkies Network gaming news tab for all the reviews of the E3’s press conferences.

The first game we’ll discuss is Monolith Soft’s upcoming Nintendo Switch RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I have never played a Xenoblade game but know of its critical praise. From watching the gameplay, it would seem that you’ll only be controlling one person not a group. Visually, the game looked stunning but I can’t verify 100% that it’s genuine. In conclusion, from an outsider perspective I’m excited.

When can I play it? Holiday of 2017

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

A new co-op Kirby game for the Switch was announced by Nintendo during its presentation. Nintendo didn’t offer a ton of info in the trailer, focusing instead on the gameplay, which I believe was for the best. From that brief look at the action, you can expect to play along with up to three other people while you hop, flip and tumble. For now, have a look at the trailer for the new Kirby game down below.

When can I play it? Sometime in 2018

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

A new Nintendo Switch exclusive Pokémon game was announced E3. Sadly, that’s all I can say because they just said its coming. Hopefully either one of three things, either a main series game, something alike to Pokémon Snap or Pokémon Stadium. However, there is speculation that it could be Pokémon Dimond/Pearl Remakes or Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon. Any of one these possibilities would be fantastic to have on the go.

When can I play it? I don’t know, they didn’t get a release date

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch and, just like Pokémon, did not give any information whatsoever on the matter. A little teaser trailer would have been sufficient. This is a big announcement just not executed correctly. If they were able to show gameplay it would have, ahem… broken E3, but unfortunately all we got was the title. Since it’s a “Prime” game then it is reasonable to assume that this game would maintain same style of gameplay (Third-person shooter). However, that’s just speculation and its up to Nintendo to determine what to do with this title. Hopefully something as great as Metroid Prime 1 and 2

When can play it? Sometime in the future

Where can play it? Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has revealed a new side-scrolling Yoshi game for the Switch. No specific title was shown, but a gameplay demonstration showed off a cardboard-themed environment and featured flipping a stage horizontally to access new areas. The trailer promised you’ll be able to “knock out courses any way you choose.” Hopefully this Yoshi game captures the same feeling as the previous ones had, like Yoshi’s Woolly World. If it does, it will be an absolute delight to play.

When can I play it? Sometime in 2018

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

With the immense success of Hyrule Warriors on a failing console, anyone could have predicted that another game in that franchise would be coming for the Switch. However, to everyone surprise they decide to make Fire Emblem Warriors. Such a beautifully obvious idea that it makes you wonder why this wasn’t made earlier. Now that’s how I felt several months ago when the announcement was made. However, instead of providing something more, all we got was a trailer that seems to mirror the story of Fire Emblem: Heroes and no gameplay. I’m excited to play the game but just disappointed that we didn’t get to see much. In addition, there was a total absence of information on a new main series Fire Emblem game for the Switch, which we know is coming around 2018.

When can I play it? February 2, 2017

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

Its like Nintendo wants to kill my social life, because they unveiled that Rocket League will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

When can I play it? Holiday 2017

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch (obviously)


When can I play it? FUCK OFF


Now on to the best game of the year, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Wisely, Nintendo detailed what to expect from the first of the two DLC packs for the game. The first DLC expansion, The Master Trials, will include several new additions to the base game, including a new “Trial of the Sword” mode, where players will be forced to fight waves of enemies, but without any of their existing equipment that they’ve gathered over the course of their play-through. Completing the trial will power up the Master Sword further, allowing it to deal double damage at all times. Additionally, a new “Master Mode” — i.e., hard mode — will be added, which increases the difficulty by upgrading all the enemies found in the game, along with a variety of new armors and costumes inspired by earlier Zelda titles. Nintendo also gave a brief teaser of the second DLC pack, scheduled to release this holiday season. Titled “The Champions’ Ballad”, the expansion will somehow involve the four Champions — Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa — although more details on that are still forthcoming. New Amiibo figures based on the four Champions are also in the works. This has become one my favorite games of all time and I’m excited to have more content, despite the fact that this game seems to already have infinite content.

First DLC Pack: June 30th

Second DLC Pack: Holiday 2017

Lastly, we turn our attention to Super Mario Odyssey, a game being released this holiday season. We got a longer video that showed a crucial gameplay mechanic of Mario’s hat. In a new feature for the series, Mario throws his hat — now a sentient creature with eyes named Cappy — to creatures and objects in the universe. Mario then possesses the creature or item, taking their abilities and imbuing them with his trademark eyes and moustache. The trailer showed Mario taking over his ubiquitous enemies, including Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but also a taxi cab (in a New York City-like environment) and a normal-looking human being.

When can I play it? October 27, 2017

Where can I play it? Nintendo Switch

I would just like to take this time to say thank you to anyone that followed us during this year’s E3. More importantly this article marks our 100th upload on this website and we here at Talkies Network would like to thank anyone that has ever clicked, read or shared any of our articles. You guys are the reason we don’t do our homework and choose to write and entertain instead. From Nick, Artur and JJ, thank you very much and here is too a 100 more!

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