How Involved is Joss Whedon in the DCEU?

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

In what was probably the biggest superhero headline of 2017, Joss Whedon was announced as the director who would take the reigns from Zack Snyder following a family tragedy. On top of this, Whedon has also signed on to direct a Batgirl film centered around Barbara Gordon. So, one would assume that Joss Whedon has a pretty heavy influence in the current DC movie franchise right? Absolutely.

Jon Berg, producer for Justice League, spoke with  Variety on Whedon’s role in the company and he said, “He’s a big part already. We love him. He’s a great partner, collaborator; we want him to be ensconced. We bring people by, have general meetings and talk about comics and their favorite superhero movies. With Joss, he saw the master board, and he saw a “Batgirl” title and he said, “You guys seriously want to do ‘Batgirl’?” And we said, “Absolutely.” He said, “That’s my jam.”

This isn’t actually Whedon’s first crack at a female led superhero film. Back in the mid 2000’s, Whedon wrote a script for a potential Wonder Woman film, which in all honesty, does not compare to Patty Jenkins’ critically acclaimed feature so, maybe it is a blessing that Whedon is working on Batgirl instead.

It is evident that Whedon has the support of the higher-ups at DC Comics and Warner Bros. and his creative influence will hopefully be used whether he is directly involved in a DCEU property or not.

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