iZombie: ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1’ Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s iZombie episode continues to put together the pieces of a very large conspiracy, while also offering thrills, but is bogged down by an underdeveloped romantic sub-plot.

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Following the reveal of zombies in Seattle at the end of last week’s episode, it was followed by a very skeptical response.  With the rumblings of a zombie outbreak occurring at the beginning of the season, some people would believe that it was true, but for the most part the story hasn’t been accepted by the majority.  That could change, as many characters are concerned that Discovery Day is upon them.  Liv had to “tan and dye” (though she actually wore a wig), as the article pointed out a zombie’s natural appearance.  Now that people have read the article, I’m sure they would become suspicious of Liv’s normal appearance.

Liv and Clive’s new case is interesting and tied into the larger narrative,  as they investigate the death of Ravi’s former CDC colleague and ex-lover.  Their investigation of her death brought them closer to learning the truth behind all the major events of the third season making it far more compelling than the show’s average monster of the week story.  One of the two big revelations is that Tatum’s friend was being interviewed by Kathy due to her being on the infected plane flight, and that the friend’s mother is high up on the Filmore Graves food chain.  Meanwhile Liv, after sleeping with Chase Graves, discovers evidence that implicates him in Kathy’s death.  Speaking of which, Liv’s reaction to Kathy’s brain was one of the episodes highlights.  It provided great comic relief in the form of Liv seeing visions of Kathy sleeping with Ravi, and their interaction following the vision were awkward and hilarious.  Liv also adopted Kathy’s more promiscuous tendencies, which she was able to fight off for most of the episode until she ran into Chase at the hotel bar.  Liv’s diet always alters her mind, but it’s interesting that the writers decided to give her brain-influenced actions lasting consequences.  Hopefully this will carry into future episodes.

Major’s character arc takes a welcome turn this week with the return of Natalie, with Major finally seeing some light at the end of this very dark third season tunnel.  With all the carp Major’s been put through, it’s nice to see him really happy.  Unlike Major’s pen pal from the last episode, his relationship with Natalie feels like a natural progression of their characters, and with her former zombie status, can tie into the larger narrative arc in a way that Shawna never could.  Now, there can be no drama when every one is happy, so of course the writers had to blow up Natalie.  This made for a great cliffhanger, and a potential obstacle in their relationship.   The obstacle in question is not death, since upon dying, a zombie who has taken the cure returns to being undead.  Considering that Major is now human, it puts their future together in question.

Harley is given a rather tragic role this episode, now that he has become the thing he most hates.  After eating his friend upon their saving him, he next shows up at the zombie house party, where causes the explosion.  This was due to self-loathing as to what he has become, and it makes me a little annoyed that the episode didn’t show his reaction to eating his friends.  That may have been a little too dark, but it would have provided much needed connective tissue between these two scenes.  Other than that one minor issue, Harley was one of the best parts of this episode, and in a way the saddest.

I’m not sure how I feel about the importance put on Liv and Justin relationship.  I mean they are cute together, but there hasn’t been much development.  From the get go it was obvious that Liv dating Justin would be of great plot importance down the line considering who he works for, but beyond plot importance, there isn’t much substance to their relationship.  Ravi’s potential love interest, Rachel, still wants something more with him despite royaly screwing him over.  Ravi obviously spurned her, but their may be some potential in the two characters dating.

One thing of note, Cavanaugh is clearly suspicious of Clive, but so far not much has been done with that subplot.  Frankly Cavanaugh’s role in the story never comes up much, so when it does it’s not that engaging.  It really just feels like extra at this point.

Over all a fantastic episode with a lot of heart and heart break, and an enjoyable viewing experience.

Mathew’s Rating – 8/10

What did you think of this week’s iZombie episode? Leave a comment.

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