7 things to Look Forward to in Preacher’s Second Season

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Preacher’s season two premiere is tomorrow night, and frankly I’m amiss that I haven’t written anything in regards to what the second season may hold.  I will be writing a review of the second season’s premiere, but until then here are five things to look forward to in the show’s sophomore season.

1. The Road Trip Has Begun

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Now that the characters and world has been established in the largely Annville set first season, the creative team are taking our protagonists on the cross country road trip seen in the comic series.  This opens up the the series for different storytelling opportunities as well as an interesting and diverse cast of characters.  The first season of the Preacher took a grounded approach to introduce the characters, but in leaving Annville the show can bring in the crazy over-the-top nature of the Preacher comic.

2. The Saint of Killers

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Season two brings in the Saint of Killers as the new major antagonist, with the character leaving Hell to hunt the preacher.  The Saint was given a good set up in the first season, which allowed viewers to understand him as a person, before he returns as the supernatural terminator.   This great characterization, combined with the fact that the Saint is the greatest killing machine in existence, makes for a great antagonist.  He’ll hopefully provide a menacing presence and serve as a difficult obstacle that will challenge our protagonists.  I just look forward to different human reactions to his indestructible nature.

3. Exploring the Past

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One of the confirmed locations that Jesse and company will be visiting is New Orleans. The significance of this city in the comic series is that it begins the series’ exploration of Cassidy’s sordid past, which eventually makes  large impact on the present.  While the full details of Cassidy’s past may not be included in the second season, this may mark the beginning of an important plot thread.  Cassidy was great in the show’s first season, but not much of his character was explored, so it’d make sense for the second season to get inside Cassidy’s head.

4. The Grail and Expanding the Series’ Mythology

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The season’s first full trailer teased the villain Herr Starr, who has been cast and will be a major opposing force in the second season.  Starr was a sinister and complex antagonist in the comic, adding a human antagonist to balance out the very over-powered Saint of Killers.  Beyond being a great villain, Starr is also second in command of the clandestine organization, The Grail.  The Grail’s history and mission will expand the series mythology and offer another route to explore Preacher’s supernatural elements.  The Grail is also a very large, old and well connected organization.  This would make for a great conspiracy story style build up for The Grail before they actually make their presence know to Jesse.

5. Jesse’s Having Fun With His Powers

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Jessie spent the majority of the first season struggling with the ethics and ramifications of his newly acquired powers.  However the second season trailers and promos have shown that Jesse is now more willing to use his powers, and he enjoys doing it.  This means we’ll get to see Jesse use his abilities more often as an offensive tactic, and he’ll probably get a lot more creative with his choice of words.

6. Jesse and Tulip

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Jesse and Tulip’s love story was the comic’s heart and soul.  In the first season they were presented as estranged lovers with a dark tragedy in their shared past.  Based on the ending of season one, and the promos for season two, it seems that the two are re-connecting.  Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga’s portrayals of their respective characters was spot on, and their on screen chemistry was fantastic.  I look forward to seeing where the show takes their relationship in the second season.

7. A New Form of Action and Violence

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Dominic Cooper confirmed that the production team is making the violence in the second season more gory than that of the first, bringing a new kind of energy to the fight scenes.  Cooper also stated that the deaths seen in season two will be very creative and now one will die in a mundane fashion.  This means we’re getting an action packed second season, but it’ll be action in true Preacher fashion, filled with black comedy.

What do you most look forward to in Preacher’s second season?  Leave a comment, and stay locked to Talkies Network for more Preacher related writings.

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