Who Should Direct Transformers 6?

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Well, this is the end. The end of the Michael Bay era.  With Transformers: The Last Knight being released in theatres this weekend, news broke out that Michael Bay will step away from the franchise, saying that he will not direct Transformers 6.  While there will be fans who will find this disappointing, I have a feeling that most of the cinematic world will react with glee.  With a regime change looming, here are seven directors who I think could direct Transformers 6.

Anthony Joe Russo

  1. Anthony and Joe Russo

Best known for lending their directing talents to two of Marvel Studios’ best films, Captain: America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, Anthony and Joe Russo would be a great choice to fill the shoes of Michael Bay.  Both superhero films demonstrate that the brothers are able to juggle a humongous cast while still mixing in action-packed sequences and hard-hitting drama, While Bay struggled with adding the human element to a Transformers feature, the Russo Brothers will thrive at grounding the massive robot battles, giving the tone of the film a nice mix of dark but still have humor.


  1. Matthew Vaughn

A Transformers film in the vein of X-Men: First Class and Kingsman: The Secret Service?  YES PLEASE! It is clear that Vaughan has a real eye for the action genre (watch the church scene in Kingsman and try to tell me otherwise) and his films hold a light-hearted mood but still have somewhat of a brooding tone.  If Transformers 6 were looking to do a soft-reboot, then Vaughan would be a fantastic choice for the job.  His work X-Men: First Class arguably revived the franchise and brought it back to its former glory which is what Transformers needs. Plus, Vaughan (who would most likely bring his partner Jane Goldman on board with him), could potentially write the film as well and if the franchise needs anything, it is a coherent story.


  1. Matt Reeves

Reeves is probably the biggest longshot on this list thanks to him signing on to direct the highly anticipated DCEU film, The Batman.  But, that doesn’t mean that the thought of Reeves directing a Transformers film isn’t anything short of incredible.  Reeves’ work on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was stunning.  Dawn is an action-packed, emotional story and, at its core, is a story of human’s vs invaders, something the Transformers series is built on.  Reeves could breathe some new life into the dull franchise, crafting a truly unique take that will thrill viewers and deliver a truly awe-inspiring CGI blockbuster.  But due to The Batman, this probably won’t happen… but one can dream right?


  1. Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins is on top of the world right now.  Not only did she direct Wonder Woman, the first solo outing for the hugely popular comic character, but the film also became the biggest live-action hit film ever from a female director.   Wonder Woman proved a couple of things.  The first is that Patty Jenkins is a brilliant director when it comes to action.  The practical stunts are seamlessly blended with CGI and makes for a truly exciting feature.  Second, her role in executing the emotionally driven scenes in the film were done perfectly.  Giving her another summer blockbuster would be a great decision because not only can she handle the bombastic action sequences that is expected from Transformers, but will also deliver characters that audiences will actually care for.

Fast and Furious 6

  1. Justin Lin

Justin Lin has proved to be one of the best action directors working today.  His work on Fast Five, Fast and Furious 6 and Star Trek Beyond is what the Transformers franchise needs. Gigantic action sequences mixed with sci-fi is Lin’s forte.  Much like Vaughan with X-Men: First Class, Lin breathed new life into the Fast and Furious franchise with Fast Five (despite also almost killing it as well with Tokyo Drift and Fast and Furious 4).  He brought out of this world action set pieces but, for the first time since The Fast and The Furious, fans actually cared for the group of street racers, and with Lin at the helm of Transformers 6, fans will learn to love the giant robots again.


  1. Gareth Edwards

Imagine a Transformers film inspired by Godzilla and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Gareth Edwards is not only one of the best action directors working today, but he’s one of the best directors working.  2014’s hit film Godzilla brought some of the most incredible monster fight scenes to the silver screen even though it took an hour to get to the action.  Then came Rogue One, where Edwards delivered some of the most exciting space battles in Star Wars history.  Edwards greatly improved on character moments from Godzilla to Rogue One, as fans cared for Felicity Jones and her rag-tag group of heroes.  Say what you will about Godzilla, but when the titular monster and took on the MUTO’s it was cinematic glory.  Edwards is a storyteller, who creates unrelenting thrill rides for the audience which are critical and commercial successes and that’s why he should be a top choice to take over as director from Bay.


  1. Steven Spielberg

Believe it or not, Spielberg is actually an executive producer on the Transformers franchise.  It is he and Bay would brought Transformers to the big screen.  Known for directing blockbuster films like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws and my personal favourite film ever, Jurassic Park, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paramount signed on Spielberg to direct the next sequel.  He’s made hit films in just about every genre and can certainly handle a sci-fi action film with fighting robots.  Considering how invested he already is with the franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised if Spielberg took the reins and steered the film into a bright future.  I would mark him as one of the more likely candidates on this list and as someone who knows the ins and outs of the Autobots and Decepticons, Spielberg would be a phenomenal choice.

That’s our list! Did we miss anyone? Who do you think should direct Transformers 6? Let us know in the comments and on social media and for all things in entertainment and nerd culture, keep it locked on Talkies Network!

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