Miles Morales Confirmed to Exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

*Extremely small but potential spoilers ahead*

In 2 weeks, Spider-Man will make his return to the big screen with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fans are eager to see the highly anticipated solo debut for Tom Holland’s incarnation of the webbed hero following his fantastic debut in Captain America: Civil War. Now, it would seem that Peter Parker won’t be the only Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently sat down with ScreenCrush for an interview during the Homecoming press rounds. It was in the chat where Feige confirmed that Miles Morales does indeed exist in the MCU.

This is thanks in part to Donald Glover’s character, Aaron Davis, who happens to be the uncle of Miles and, inadvertently, the reason behind Miles obtaining spider-like powers. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Glover will mention that he has a “nephew” but won’t directly name-drop Miles. Feige also confirmed that this was an intentional nod to Miles.

“All of those little things are just Easter eggs for fans until they’re something more than that. But anything that’s happened in the books is potential material for us.”

“In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony’s making. But where we go … we definitely want you to go “He’s there. He’s there somewhere.”

This seemingly confirms that Feige and Marvel have plans for the Miles Morales character. It doesn’t look like he’ll be making his debut anytime soon however as Peter Parker in this universe is fairly new to the superhero game. Tom Holland has spoken about how much he would love to do a Peter Parker/Miles Morales mentorship story, much like how Iron Man mentors the young Peter.

“That would be something that I would be very up for doing, it’s something that I would really, really hope to happen,” Holland explained. “I think Miles Morales is a great character, I think it would be fantastic to have an actor of color playing a superhero on screen and I just think it’s going to be something very cool and something very exciting for this universe.”

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