‘Wonder Woman:’ Director Patty Jenkins on Her Goals for a Sequel, Working with Gal Gadot

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Wonder Woman has taken the world by storm. There is no surgar-coating the massive impact the DC superhero film has had on modern cinema. With the film being both critically and commercially sucessfull, talks of a sequel were a no brainier with Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman, and DC Comics president Geoff Johns writing a treatment for it.  In an interview with Forbes, Jenkins discussed what her goals are should a sequel be officially greenlit:

“I had an interesting moment with Wonder Woman where, when I first thought about doing Wonder Woman 2, I thought, “Well, these are so intense, making these movies. It’s a lot to think about doing more.” But then I had an epiphany, and I thought, “Oh, it’s not more, it’s better.” I want to do … Not better. I love this movie, but I want to aim to make another film, but for it to be the greatest film I can possibly make, and stand on its own feet, have its whole own thing, and explore even more things that we didn’t get to explore in the first one like having fun with her.

We only got her up to her full power at the very end of the movie. I cannot wait to let her full power go in this world and have a great time with Wonder Woman, and then I have some very deep, thematic ideas that I’m passionate about and excited about doing. I’m excited both because I think the next movie is going to be a great time, but also be very, very powerful in a way that I’m excited to do.”

For Jenkins, it is a must that the sequel be able to stand on its own two feet and also surpass the first film. Not surprisingly, she was tight-lipped on any potential Wonder Woman 2 plot points.

The director also spoke about working with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. When asked about what Gadot brought to the role, Jenkins had this to say:

“I think that you’re aiming for someone who can play Wonder Woman. You’re aiming for someone who, when you roll camera, you would look at them and you would say, “Wow, that’s the right performance.” Every once in awhile, and Christopher Reeve is a perfect example, somebody transcends that relationship because who they are brings such depth and dimension to that character that’s absolutely right, so it just fills out that character even deeper.

To me, the two things that Gal Gadot, who is an amazing actress and she played a great Wonder Woman, but the true things that she actually has inside of her are this incredible warmth and charm that is also informed by great intelligence. It’s those two things. When she smiles in real life, it’s infectious and so powerful because it’s so completely pure and unfettered. She’s not holding anything back. It’s just this incredible big smile, but also there’s this little spark and edge of how much she knows and has seen and understands in the world.

That is a magical combination for Diana, to have that superhero who can … in her storyline, she can be naïve to something and she can be a sage about other things, and she can be a bad-ass, but she’s always informed by this incredible warmth and charm and deep, deep, deep intelligence.”

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