Rumor: ‘Venom’ Film Will Feature Ultimate Comic Storylines & She-Venom Host

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a bonafide hit for both Marvel and Sony but the latter is now looking towards the future with their own Marvel universe. The film that is set to be the launching point is Venom and a new rumor could shed some light on what the film will entail.

According to That Hashtag Show, the upcoming film might feature not one, but two Venom hosts. The first, which is confirmed, will be Eddie Brock, who will be played as Tom Hardy. The second, and this is where the rumor kicks in, will be Ann Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife.

Ann is best known for her relationship with Brock and she later goes on to bond with the symbiote and become She-Venom. The rumor does not suggest if Ann is in a relationship with Brock or if they are already separated.

The report also suggests that the actual symbiote will be created by Peter Parker’s and Eddie Brock’s fathers, meaning that the film will possibly draw from Marvel’s Ultimate universe. While Venom has been confirmed to be separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, using Parker’s and Brock’s fathers could open the door to a loose continuity link as we have never seen Richard Parker yet in the MCU.

On top of all that, the film is also rumored to have Carnage make his debut in the film. This would mean that the film would be home to three different symbiote hosts. It’s safe to assume that Brock and Ann would fight against Carnage but nothing has been confirmed so far.

As always, take this with a grain of salt, as Sony has not commented on this rumor. However, all of this would indicate that Sony is looking to distance itself as much as possible from the previous incarnation of Venom. Because let’s be real here… Topher Grace as Eddie Brock was just… awful…

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Venom hits theatres on October 5, 2018

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