Preacher: ‘Viktor’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s episode of Preacher continues takes the New Orleans story in interesting directions, but falters with the Eugene centered sub-plot.

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Eugene’s story in Hell isn’t very interesting, and lacks any major connection to the larger narrative at the moment.  His bonding with Hitler was amusing and the depiction of hell is lovingly mundane, but nothing engaging is really taking place.  Eugene is obviously going through a character journey, after which he will be changed, but it’s not being presented very well.  I really hope this story-line develops into a ‘prison break’ style film where he has to team up with Hitler, but until then I hope not too much time is devoted to this sub-plot.

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The most captivating and suspenseful part of the episode was Tulip being confronted by Viktor.   Tulip was definitely the most confident character in the first season and helped balance the internally conflicted Jesse.  This time we see her in a more vulnerable place, as she struggles to gain control of her current situation.  This is a new look at Tulip’s character, and it’s combined with a great twist you won’t see coming.

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Jesse’s quest to find God took some interesting turns this episode, as he discovers the name of the actor who played God in the first season’s finale.  This made for some great laughs and meta humor, with the best part of the episode being when Cassidy acted as an HBO casting agent.  It also shows the lengths that Heaven is willing to go for self-protection, revealing that they aren’t the good dimension that people believe.

Jesse’s attempt to save Tulip was the highlight of the episode, and was a joy to watch.  After easily using his powers to defeat most of Viktor’s men, which was great, he proceeds to fight Viktor’s torture guy.  The fight was well choreographed and set to a musical score that made the fight scene all that more fun to watch.  Jesse also learned a little bit more about his powers, if he can’t be heard, they don’t work.

Cassidy’s role in the New Orleans story line has been small, but his old ‘pal’ Dennis is always saying things in French about Cassidy.  I’m pretty sure that near the end of their time in New Orleans, we’ll find out something about Cassidy’s past, and it won’t be good.  The fact that we can’t understand Dennis at first is the build up to it, and there’s a precedent considering how important New Orleans is to Cassidy’s backstory in the comics.

A few more thoughts:

  • The Grail’s presence this episode is minimal at best, which is a shame as ‘Viktor’ should have built off the momentum of their introduction last week.
  • The Saint walking in the bike lane of the bridge was funny, but he’s also close to making his presence known in New Orleans.
  •  Cassidy’s odd attempts to get Jesse to realize Tulip is in trouble without breaking her trust was pretty funny.

Over-all it was an intriguing, albeit slow, entry into the ongoing Preacher saga.

Score: 7.3/10


What did you think of this week’s episode of Preacher? Leave a thought in the comments.



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