Rumor: Avengers 4 Might Be Setting Up a Connection to Netflix’s Marvel Shows

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

I need to preface that this is 100% a rumor and pure speculation. Nothing is confirmed but since the rumor is out there, I thought I’d report it. If you’re like me and are hoping that one day, the Netflix side of the MCU will make an appearance or at least connect in some way to the cinematic section, this could be an indicator that something might be happening.

According to Omega Underground, a new casting call for the fourth Avengers film suggests that the film will have a scene with Japanese gangsters, better known as the Yakuza. The casting call reads:

*Japanese Gangsters (Background/Extras): 
-Male 20-49
-Slender build, this will be a night shoot and will involve rain work and facial prosthetics.
*Japanese Cafe Patrons (Background/Extras):
-Females and Males 18-80

The scene will be filmed from August 17-18, which lines up with the film’s shooting schedule of July 2017-December 2017. It will be a night shoot and will also include rain work and facial prosthetics.

None of the Marvel movies have brought up Japanese organized crime but a certain Netflix show is rooted deep in it. Daredevil has explored the Yakuza in both of its seasons. The first had Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin being allies with Yakuza leader, Nobu. In the second season however, we learned that the Yakuza was controlled by an even bigger and more dangerous group, The Hand. Once the mystical elements of The Hand were unraveled, the Yakuza cover was no longer required. Eventually the group made its way into Iron Fist as well, furthering the connections.

I once again have to say that nothing about what I am saying here confirms a movie appearance by Daredevil or The Punisher or Jessica Jones. Fans know that the film and T.V sides of the MCU operate separately despite existing in the same plane. If anything, we may just get a one-off reference to “a guy dressed in a red suit” or “a man who’s skin doesn’t break,” while the gangsters are talking. Even a brief mention of these heroes would be enough, just so they can get some acknowledgement in the wider MCU.

You can check out Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix when it begins streaming on August 18, 2017 while Avengers 4 premieres in cinemas on May 3, 2019

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