‘The Flash’ Set Photos Reveal A Costume Change for Wally West

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Season 3 of The Flash was… average to say the least. After yet another cliffhanger finale, fans are expecting some major excitement and development when the fourth season rolls around and today, there’s something that might peak the interest of fans.

New set photos reveal that Keiyan Lonsdale will officially be taking over as The Flash… for sometime at least. Lonsdale plays Wally West in the series who’s better known by his superhero alter-ego, Kid Flash.

Season 3 of the show ended with Barry Allen sacrificing himself to the speed force to prevent the destruction of his world. It has not been confirmed just how long Barry will be gone but for now, Central City is without its scarlet speedster so Wally has stepped up to fill the void. I don’t believe that Wally will be The Flash for long in terms of episode count but considering that he has decided to wear the red uniform, one could assume that Barry will have been gone for quite a while.

Wally becoming The Flash is nothing new as well. Fans of DC Comics will note that he took up the mantle back in the late 80’s when Barry Allen was presumed dead following the acclaimed Crisis on Infinite Earths story. Wally was also The Flash on the popular animated series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. You can check out the photos in the gallery below!

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