Marvel Announces ‘Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan’ Miniseries

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Two of Marvel’s most popular mutants are about to collide in a brand new miniseries this fall.

Continuing the tradition of the Deadpool Vs series, Marvel has announced the Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan comic. Declan Shalvey, known for writing Deadpool and Moon Knight, will team with artist Mike Henderson to create the series.

In a statement, Shalvey said:

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan has everything I’ve wanted to see in either a Deadpool book, or a Wolverine book. We get to see both characters be the best at what they do, while also getting to see them be the classic odd-couple. Both characters naturally bump heads against each other, which is a lot of fun to write. I’ve been so fortunate to have Heather Antos edit this book. It’s been a dream working on it, she’s done everything she could to make this book what I want it to be, and a great working experience to boot.”

The story will follow Logan on the trail of a newly found Omega-level mutant. When Deadpool’s offer to assist him is declined, the merc with a mouth  “vows to outmatch his newly marked enemy for the entirety of their mission.”

Shalvey stressed that the Logan we’d see in the comic is not Wolverine:

“Importantly, the book features Old Man Logan though. That character has a different kind of baggage than old-school Logan, which makes him relate to Wade Wilson more than one might think. The characters have a lot in common, so having a book featuring both really makes sense, but they are clearly very different personalities, that’s been a great thing to play with.”

Artist Mike Henderson then chimed in about the Deadpool/Logan dynamic:

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan is a not so buddy-buddy buddy comedy with all the bickering, explosions and stabbing you’d expect from a comic starring Deadpool and Logan as they both race to do their version of the right thing by a young mutant. Declan has written this flaming runaway train of an action script that feels like drawing a Jason Statham movie and Lee Loughridge is bringing the heat on colors. So anyone who wouldn’t mind seeing our two heroes cut their way through some faceless corporate jackboots won’t want to miss it because it’s been crazy fun to draw.”

Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan #1 hits stores this October. Check out a preview of the comic in the gallery below!

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