Stephen King’s ‘It’ Debuts Terrifying New Footage at San Diego Comic-Con

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

The horror genre is in somewhat of a renaissance. While there are still films that opt for cheap jump skills, others like Don’t Breathe, It Comes at Night and The Conjuring 2 have made a big splash in cinemas and Andres Muschietti’s It remake is looking to continue the trend. The film debuted a horrifying trailer earlier in the year and now, the film has premiered new footage for audiences at San Diego Comic-Con. The description, via Cinemablend, has equal amounts of nostalgia and horror. Check it out below!

The first sequence introduces viewers to The Losers’ Club. We then move to a cliff where the group is too scared to take the leap. It isn’t until the lone girl member of the group, Beverly Marsh decides to undress and hop in, which coerces the boys into following. A montage plays of the kids having fun in the water as their is a genuine feeling of friendship amongst them. The kids exit the water and begin discussing the increasing disappearances in the their town of Derry, Maine and how the town may not be what it seems.

The second sequence proved to be similar but incredibly scary. The scene opens with Mike Hanlon being attacked and harassed by a group of bullies. With no aid around him, he looks over to the bushes and see’s Pennywise the clown, waving back at him and holding a severed bloody baby arm. Mike becomes terrified as the bullies continue their assault. The Losers arrive and begin pelting the bullies with rocks as “Antisocial” by Anthrax plays. The group emerges victorious and decide to make a pact. The group will stick together through thick and thin, despite being unaware of the horrors that lie in front of them.

It was clear that director Andres Muschietti has gone for a similar tone that feels like a callback to the original miniseries. A much scarier callback, but still, it’s route is more of a traditional one, unlike the Halloween or Friday the 13th remakes. The themes of friendship remain present but Pennywise is much more vicious and sadistic in the film.

Fans were also treated to a brand new trailer which is expected to drop this weekend as Comic-Con kicks into the next gear.

It will debut in theatres on September 9, 2017.


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