‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ San Diego Comic-Con Panel: Live Coverage

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Welcome to Talkies Network’s live coverage of The Defenders SDCC panel! Refresh the page for up-to-date news from Marvel’s Netflix side of the MCU!

Footage begins counting down from one minute. Dialogue from the Marvel/Netflix shows can be heard. The clock stops and Jeph Loeb comes on stage. He thanks fans for being at Hall H.

Loeb says surprises are coming. He says it’s an honour to have the Defenders dream come to life. He says today, never before seen footage will be shown and teases strong language ahead.

Jeph Loeb then receives a surprise award from the attendees at Comic-Con. He’s presented with the Ink Pot Award for Comic television. The crowd roars. He’s speechless and is holding back tears. Loeb urges everyone to never give up on their dreams. Loeb says to stick around as something big is coming at the end of the panel.

Jon Bernthal is then brought out and hugs Loeb. The Punisher is up first.

The Punisher 

Loeb says that people at Netflix wanted a Punisher solo series and asks Bernthal his thoughts on that. He says:

“Frank’s very much in my heart. I’m eternally grateful to get another crack at him. I’m eternally grateful to the men and women in law enforcement, to the men and women who serve our country, and to the comic readers. We want to do the best by you.”

A series of clips from The Punisher then play:

Frank is seen with his child playing a guitar. Cut in between with Frank sitting alone, getting angry, sitting against a wall and playing the same guitar.

Cut to Frank as he drives down a road in Alabame wearing the classic Punisher shirt. He shoots down two men on motorcycles, then runs them over, leaving blood behind him. 

Mexico: a group of men are yelling at a part. Frank’s gun is aimed at them from afar. He gets on man in his crosshairs. He fires his shot, there’s a long delay, the bullet goes through the man’s head. Frank was taking the shot from El Paso, Texas.

A rich man enters a bathroom in NY. Frank busts into his stall and beats him up. He begs Punisher by saying that everyone is already dead. He says killing him won’t bring back Frank’s family. Frank agrees but chokes him to death anyway. Frank zips up his hoodie as he leaves the bathroom.

The Defenders are up next.

The Defenders

Marco Ramirez (Showrunner), Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing), Debra Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elodie Yung (Elektra), Sigourney Weaver are all welcomed to the stage. There’s a standing ovation. The Defenders arrive. Kristen Ritter (Jessica Jones), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Finn Jones (Iron Fist) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) enter the stage.

Loeb announces that Iron First season 2 is ready to enter production. Misty Knight will be featured in season 2.

Loeb discuses writing Defenders with Marco Ramirez .

Ramirez says: “The big challenge was honoring all of the characters so that The Defenders was it’s own story, so that it was self-contained.”

Jessican Henwick talks about where Colleen Wing is in Defenders.

“She was had everything ripped away from her at the end of Iron Fist. We catch up with her and Danny and they’re not in New York, they’re somewhere else. She needs to grieve.”

Debra Ann Whol talks about filming Defenders and Punisher at the same time.

“Trying to keep her consistent across all of the shows was tough, but the writers made it much easier.”

Loeb moves to Elodie Yung and asks about Elektra in the grave:

“Basically Elektra is amnesiac, she’s trained by Alexandra to be some sort of a weapon. How much of the Elektra that we all know remains? Well, we will find out.”

Sigourney Weaver discusses meeting the Defenders for the first time. She says they met at the New York Comic-Con.

‘I was already a huge fan of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I love the character of New York City, it is indeed one of the five Defenders. When they offered me a part I couldn’t refuse.

“It was a joy to work here with all of you and I appreciate it.”

Finn Jones is asked about Iron Fist season one and Danny’s evolution in Defenders.

“I’ve always thought that Season 1 of Iron Fist and The Defenders was like a Phase 1 for Danny. It’s been fun to see him evolve over those two series.”

Fans go wild when Poeb moves to Mike Colter. He asks where Luke Cage is when Defenders rolls around.  “Eventually you and Danny will become friends but what is that all about?”

“The Defenders is really about the people. The relationships are the best part of the series to me. We all shared the screen and enjoyed seeing each other.”

Loeb moves to Krysten Ritter and asks about her approach to Jessica Jones in Defenders.

“Jessica doesn’t really want to play with others and she doesn’t want help. Underneath it all, she does have a gooey inside. She will rise to the occassion. She goes along with these guys because she know’s she’s valuable. She will take every opportunity to make fun of the other characters.”

Loeb calls Daredevil the first and the biggest challenge. Charlie Cox chimes in:

“I remember signing a contract and there being a vague mention of a show called The Defenders but it all happened so quickly.”

The cast tells Jeph to show the crowd footage from Defenders.

They’re showing the entire first episode of The Defenders!


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