Mike Colter on Lucy Liu Directing the Season 2 Premiere of ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Marvel is getting ready for the premiere of the highly anticipated The Defenders miniseries and are gearing up for future seasons of individual hero shows. One of them is season two of Luke Cage. The Harlem hero garnered critical acclaim upon its debut and secured a season renewal very quickly. When production began, the first big announcement for the series was actress Lucy Liu signing on to direct the premiere episode and now, series lead Mike Colter is talking about his experience working with the actress.

In an interview with Collider, Colter had nothing but great things to say about the first time Marvel director:

“She came in very guns ablazin’. She was very positive with lots of energy. She’s a sweetie. She’s really a sweetheart. She is very strong, and she has a strong vision, a strong point of view, and she’s a strong leader, but she doesn’t do it with that bad-assery that you see on screen. She does it with kindness and sugar. You get more flies with honey, right? And she was good like that. The crew was really willing to listen to her because she appeals to everybody. She had this vibe about her that makes you feel like she’s supportive and a positive energy. She’s an actor’s director because she’s an actress, herself.”

In the midst of dropping a lot of adjectives to describe Liu, Colter noted that Liu’s experience as an actress is what helped her direct a great season premiere for the Marvel/Netflix show. Liu is able to relate to the actors and actresses on set and has made her mark in the MCU.

As of now, it looks like Liu is one and done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is not signed on to direct any future Luke Cage episodes bit given that Colter and crew had such a great time working with her, it wouldn’t be shocking to see her have a future with Marvel and the House of Mouse.

Season 2 of Luke Cage is set to drop sometime in 2018 but you can catch Mike Colter as the man with unbreakable skin in Marvel’s The Defenders which premieres on August 18, 2018. 

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