Andy Serkis Explains Ulysses Kalue’s Role in ‘Black Panther

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Andy Serkis is set to reprise the role of Marvel villain Ulysses “Klaw” Klaue in Black Panther and is not looking to disappoint as the classic comic villain.

When asked about his role in the upcoming Marvel feature by, Serkis said that Klaue is looking to show the world what Wakanda is really all about.

“He is the only person who has been into Wakanda and seen the wealth that it has and he wants to expose that. He believes them to be a hypocritical country. They’re playing this kind of ‘we’re a third world country’ card and he knows what’s underlying that so he’s trying to expose that.”

Despite having a certain limb cut off in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Serkis said that the character should still not be taken lightly and that he is just as vicious and cunning as ever.

“He is the bringer-down of governments. He collaborates. He’s an arms dealer. He knows how to play people and he has a personal vendetta against T’Challa as well.”

If these words mean anything, it’s that T’Challa should not let Klaw out of his sight. Serkis’ Klaw has a feeling of no remorse and wants the world to see the true colours of the lying African nation. By the looks of it, the MCU version of Klaw will be just as dangerous as the one Black Panther fought in the Marvel Comics-verse. This also hints that Serkis will have quite the sizable role to play when Black Panther rolls into theatres and more Andy Serkis is a win alone in my book.

Black Panther claws its way into theatres on February 16, 2018.


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