Director Ryan Coogler on how Black Panther is Different from Other Marvel Films

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

By the time Black Panther claws its way into theatres, it will become the eighteenth entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After that many films, fans would probably expect a change to the status quo and director Ryan Coogler could not agree more.

When speaking to, Coogler outlined multiple ways Black Panther differentiates itself from MCU films:

“I would say cultural aspects is a big thing. Obviously, T’Challa is an African king and there haven’t really been many movies made about that at all in any genre. When you look at the movies in the Marvel universe automatically, off the bat, that’s going to make that very different.

“But I also think that this movie has a lot of weird combinations. We’re dealing with a guy who’s royal, like Thor, but he’s from Earth, which changes things. It gives it context and grounds it in a way. Even though we’re doing a lot of fantastical elements, fantastical technology, it still kind of grounds it in a way that’s very unique. So you have these things that are working at opposite ends.”

He then says that Black Panther will work off of today’s political climate and blend politics and science-fiction:

“It also looks at a lot of things that are topical in the climate right now that you might have to stretch to apply in a science fiction film or in a film that’s a little more fantastical. For this, you kind of wear it on the surface, which is really interesting. It makes it different.”

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Black Panther claws its way into theatres on February 16, 2018.


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