Preacher: ‘Sokosha’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Preacher season 2’s best moments feature the Saint of Killers reeking havoc, and this episode didn’t disappoint in that regard.

The episode opens with a a medical procedure that is tough to pin down at first, but as the opening continues it becomes very clear.  It’s fitting that in the world of Preacher human souls have been turned into a commodity, which is the focus of larger corporations.

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We then transition to a quaint scene as our protagonists enjoy their breakfast and talk about their plans for the day.   This peace is then broken by the Saint’s arrival to their location (guided there by Viktor’s daughter), who proceeds to slaughter many of the floor’s inhabitants until he finds Denis’ apartment.  The last few episodes have suffered from a slower pacing, but the Saint’s arrival put the show into full throttle.

After escaping the Saint, Jesse and company return to save Denis, who turned out to be Cassidy’s son.  This was an interesting twist on Cassidy’s story and speaks to the tragedy of immortality, as Cassidy’s child is now an old man.  This is also an example of Cassidy’s past failings, as he told Tulip that he was never around for Denis, nor did he ever learn to speak French.  Before Jesse and company return to save Dennis they venture to the local library to do research on the Saint of Killer’s origin, and we are presented with the concise version of the first season’s flashbacks.  The montage mixes animation, prose and actual pages from the Preacher comics, making for a visually interesting experience.  While much of the information is old, we were told that the Saint can’t get into Heaven due to a lack of soul.

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The episode quickly developed a deeper connection between the Saint and Jesse, as Jesse gave the Saint his soul, so as to allow the Saint to enter Heaven.  This presented one of the episode’s biggest twists, as initially it seems like Jesse was going to let the Saint back into Heaven, but instead uses the word to defeat the Saint now that he has a soul.  This was an interesting way for Jesse to defeat his almost invulnerable foe, and also developed the character of the Saint as well.  Despite the Saint’s tragic origins, as Jesse pointed out, the Saint has massacred many people, children included.  Much like the series protagonists, the Saint is not a black and white antagonist.  Now the Saint is trapped at the bottom of a lake without his weapons due to Jesse’s newfound power over him, and the Saint will most likely come back angrier than ever.

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This episode was very Jesse focused, and this remedied his characterization in the last couple of episodes.  Jesse sacrificed his own soul to save his friends, which is a bold move in his part and brings back some of the character’s likability.  ‘Sokosha’ revealed some of Jesse’s past, as his family seemed to have been involved in the soul selling business, as Jesse seems to be well versed in it.  This is an interesting change from the comics that will hopefully be the source of some great stories later on in the series.  The episode’s ending contrasts the beginning, as Jesse is no longer smiling when he looks in the mirror.  The weight of the deal he made with the saint, and by extension his quest, is being felt.  It seems Jesse is finally feeling the consequences of his actions, and this makes for great character development.

‘Sokosha’ was an amazing episode and a marked improvement from ‘Dallas’, and if the SDCC trailer is anything to go by, the Grail will take center stage in the season’s remaining episodes.

Score: 8.8/10


What did you think of ‘Sokosha’?  Leave a comment and tell us all your thoughts, even non-Preacher related ones.

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