The Flash: Tom Felton Will Not Return as a Series Regular

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Well this isn’t fun news. In an exclusive report by Entertainment Weekly, Tom Felton will not be returning as a series regular for season four of The Flash.

Felton joined the cast in season three as a series regular. Felton’s character, Julian Albert, was created from Barry’s Flashpoint adventure and became his annoying CSI Lab partner while also masquerading as Doctor Alchemy (though he was unaware of what he was doing as the villain). He also became a love interest to Danielle Panabaker’s Catlin Snow.

When season three ended, Julian was still allied with Team Flash but considering that Barry is now in the speed force and the show will experience a time jump of six months, it would seem that Julian has left Team Flash. As you can see in the trailer below, Julian is the only cast member missing and now we have a reason why.

Of course as with any DC CW show, there is a chance the character could show up again. Recently, Supergirl actress Florianna Lima was also confirmed to not be returning as a series regular but will remain on the show as a recurring actress, appearing in multiple episodes.

While Tom Felton may not be seen as much as fans hoped, the show has added several new cast members for the anticpated fourth season. Neil Sandilands (The 100) has been cast as DC villain Clifford Devoe, a.k.a. The Thinker, while Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion, Eye in the Sky) will play The Mechanic, a highly intelligent engineer who creates devices for Devoe. On top of that, Danny Trejo (Machete, Sons of Anarchy) has signed on to play the role of Breacher, a feared bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the imposing father to inter-dimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho).

Are you excited for season four of The Flash? Let us know in the comment section below!

The Flash returns to the small screen on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 8pm.



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