Kurt Sutter On Why the ‘Mayans MC’ Pilot is Being Reshot

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

In a move very similar to its predecessor, Kurt Sutter’s Mayans MC will recast major roles and re-shoot its pilot entirely.  This has led to fans questioning what is going on with the anticipated biker show centred on the Sons’ ally/enemy and now, series creator Sutter has answers.

In an interview with  Popculture.com, Sutter explains that Mayans MC re-shooting their pilot should not be the cause for worry as Sons of Anarchy did it before it premiered as well.

“Ironically, I don’t know why I was surprised. It was the same situation we had on Sons, we had major recast and we re-shot 95% of the pilot and that’s gonna happen again. What it does for me is it allows me to watch it and then go what didn’t work, what did work, and really do a big rewrite.”

Sutter then went on to say that the script is currently being written for the new pilot and discussed when production for the show could begin.

“So, now they’re just literally waiting for the script. We had the team all together. I’m not gonna direct it because if it gets picked up, we’ll slam right into production. So, my other [executive producer] Noberto [Barba] is gonna do the reshoots, so hopefully that’ll all happen in August/September and we’ll go into production the first of the year.”

Sutter finished by trying to ease the tension fans have as he explains that the new pilot will help the show become better.

“I think the story will be the story, and literally most of the casting changes are elimination, meaning like we realized we were trying to tell too big of a story, so a lot of the casting stuff is losing characters, or introducing characters later on.”

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