Rumor: Joss Whedon Re-working Justice League’s Original Ending

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Ever since Warner Bros announced that Joss Whedon was taking over Justice League following Zack Snyder leaving the film due to a family tragedy, reports have focused on the lighter tone he’s bringing to the film.  According to /Film Daily’s Peter Sciretta, Whedon is also making some changes to the ending of the original film.

Image result for steppen wolf

Sciretta says that the film originally was not focused on Steppenwolf, but instead on the search for the three mother boxes.  This would eventually lead to a cliffhanger ending that teased the arrival of Darkseid in a sequel film.  Steppenwolf was first conceived as the herald to the larger threat of Darkseid, who would have been the villain in the second Justice League film.  Steppenwolf will now be the main antagonist of the story, and Darkseid will no longer be used as a the looming threat whose arrival to earth is immanent.  This means the film will lose it’s original cliff-hanger ending, and will now end on a more conclusive note.

New flashback scenes are being filmed with Robin Wright’s character Antiope, that will make Steppenwolf seem like a more credible threat to the film’s heroes.  Considering the smaller role that Steppenwolf played in the film’s initial footage, more background on his character would be needed to make him a more engaging central antagonist.

Considering the new films announced by Warner Bros and the changing plans for the DCEU, it seems that they are abandoning the idea of doing a two-part Justice league film.  This is most likely due to a larger time gap between Justice league films.  It also allows them to save a major antagonist like Darkseid for another film further down the line, similar to how Marvel is handling Thanos.


What do you think of these Justice League rumors?  For more DCEU news, stay locked in to Talkies Network.

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