Suits: ‘Home to Roost’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

‘Home to Roost’ was a pretty damn good episode of Suits, and after a series of average to mediocre episodes, it’s a godsend.  This episode really felt like an important turning point for many of the main characters, as they seem to finally move on, whether it be in their personal or professional lives.

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The best part of this episode was Mike’s prison case, and all the build up of previous episodes had some great payoff this week.  Mike’s been running this case without telling Harvey, and for good reason, but every decisions has it’s consequences.  As Rachel put it, Mike’s lied before, but now that he’s doing it for the right reasons it makes his story even more interesting.  Mike is an underdog figure, which is further complicated by the fact that those who seem to oppress him do so for very compelling reasons.  Mike’s case led to some great conflict that will probably fuel the next few episodes, as he was hit quite hard by the truth that he works for a corporate firm.  Their responsibilities are to their clients, not to finding justice to those harmed by their clients.  This led to some tense conflict between the main characters who were, in their own way, all correct in where they stand on the issue.

The lawsuit facing Louis has quickly become a compelling storyline, as he’s facing the external consequences of his poor attitude, not just the repercussions within the firm. This is not the first time Louis has been served with a sexual harassment lawsuit, and a second case of it would heavily impact his reputation.  The true significance of this case, and why it bothered Louis, is that it’s an example of the worst part of himself. Louis has been taking great strides this season towards becoming a better person, and this episode is a critical point in that character arc.  Louis at first tries to deal with the situation like the old Louis would, even getting vindictive when things seemed hopeless.  However by the episode’s end he realizes that it’s this attitude that got him into this lawsuit in the first place, so he handles the situation in a different way.  Louis admitted he treated treated Stephanie unfairly, and takes responsibility for and recognizes how cruel he can be to others.  This episode also gave Katrina a bigger role than she’s had in previous episodes, and she is a fairly underutilized character on the series.

Harvey’s relationship with Paula is pretty dull, and is difficult to invest in as a viewer. This is mainly because their relationship came out of nowhere with little set-up, and the writers have not bothered to make Paula seem like a three-dimensional character in her own right.  This could be solved by having her interact with any other member of the show’s cast beyond Harvey.  This makes Paula seem like her only character trait is, “Harvey’s girlfriend”.   I do like what she represents however, which is a new path on Harvey’s life.  He’s being more open and honest with people, something he would not do in his younger days.  Harvey’s relationship with Paula is the beginning of a new chapter in his life, and in that way it’s good.

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Donna too is realizing how much their lives have changed, as she’s no longer always thinking about Harvey’s life.  As Harvey’s secretary she made sure that everything going on in Harvey’s life, for the most part, was of knowledge to her.  Donna could tell how Harvey was feeling of could recognize if he was seeing someone without him having to tell her.  With her new role as the COO, Harvey’s not her main responsibility anymore. Her life has changed, and she’s now realizing to what extent.  Her conversation with Rachel also called back to a delightful scene from a previous season, where their lives were very different.

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This theme of change and moving on is also present in parallels that are drawn between characters.  Stephanie in a way also represented the younger Louis, the person he’s trying to get away from.  She was concerned that her personal life was non-existent and was incredibly hurt enough to file a lawsuit because of it, though due to the nature of the lawsuit, if this was an intended parallel it may be problematic (but that’s another article). The parallel between Mike and Oliver was more overt, as Mike gave him the same speech he had previously heard from Harvey.  Despite the fact that Mike is angry over what happened, it seems that he did learn something this episode.

This week’s episode of Suits was thrilling and made important progress in the arcs of several main characters.

Score: 8.3/10


What did you think of this week’s episode of Suits?  Leave a comment.



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