Krysten Ritter On ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Being ‘Just as Personal’

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Marvel’s Netflix Universe remains as one of the brightest (and darkest) spots in the MCU and Jessica Jones further proves why the Netflix shows are some of televisions best. Ever since premiering in the Fall of 2015, fans have been eagerly waiting the arrival of season 2 and now that it has entered production, information has finally begun to trickle out.

During a recent interview with Bustle, series lead Krysten Ritter explained that season 2 will explore why Jessica is the type of person/hero she is.

“She keeps her circle small because she doesn’t want people in her life, so there’s no textbook on how to deal with new popularity or new eyes on you.”

That newfound popularity comes from not only the defeat of David Tennant’s Kilgrave, but also thanks to the events of The Defenders, where Jessica Jones was instrumental in the battle against The Hand. Ritter went on to explain that Jessica’s personality traits aren’t solely because of her battle against Kilgrave.

“Even in the source material, so much stuff has happened to her. You feel for her … Every time, you’re just like, ‘Ugh, she’s been through so much.’ Yet she still fights. Which is what we love about her.”

For fans, if you were hoping for a season 2 that was similar to season 1, you’re out of luck. According to Ritter, while the next season will use elements that made season 1 so great, it will also be an entirely different beast.

“The first season was in her head and the second season is in her heart.”

“The writers have dug even deeper and made it feel just as big and just as impactful, just as personal.”

In my opinion, this is definitely a smart move. If a season were to just retread on similar waters, it wouldn’t be as exciting or bold. What Ritter is teasing is a season 2 that won’t be predictable or stale. One that will remind viewers why they fell in love with the struggling protagonist in the first place.

Jessica Jones season 2 is in production right now so keep it locked on Talkies Network for all the latest updates on this Marvel/Netflix show. 


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