Elodie Yung Discusses Whether Elektra Will Return to The MCU’s Netflix Series

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos


Back in Daredevil’s second season, fans witnessed the MCU debut of one of Marvel’s most dangerous characters, Elektra Natchios. The character, played by Elodie Yung, was quick witted, violent and all kinds of fun.

However, she met her untimely death at the end of the season when Nobu and The Hand killed her in front of her love, Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Fast forward to The Defenders, and Elektra was back in action, fighting for the group that originally put her down. Once again though, at the end of another Marvel/Netflix season, Elektra was presumed dead when she and Daredevil fought below The Hand’s Midland Circle office building as it crumbles above them. Now, Elodie Yung is discussing what the future holds for Elektra.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Yung discussed how she is very much ready to step back into the role:

“I really like Elektra. It just feels unfinished. She’s done all of that, and now what? Where is she? And he’s alive. So, I’m hoping their paths will cross again. I want to know where she lives and what she does and if she’s enjoying life and all of that.”

“She’s such a great female character. She’s so crazy and strong and she has so many flaws. You kind of feel for her… There’s humanity in there.”

Despite the Midland Circle building crashing on top of the two, the final moments of The Defenders showed that Matt Murdock is actually alive and well while Elektra’s fate was shrouded in mystery. Not once did the episode show Elektra’s body, leaving fans to believe that somehow, the dangerous anti-hero made it out of Midland Circle as well.

While Yung is fully prepared to step back into Elektra shoes, she did confirm that Marvel has not yet talked to her about Elektra in the MCU beyond the finale of The Defenders.

“It would be interesting to explore that again, especially after what just happened. But we’ll have to see what Marvel will do with her. I have no clue.”

The Defenders is streaming now on Netflix. 

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