Preacher: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s episode revealed a lot of information on the Grail and Herr Starr’s plans, and it set up quite a bit on conflict between our main characters in the future.

This week’s Preacher mainly focused on Jesse and Herr Starr, as the former tries to recruit the latter for The Grail.  Watching Herr Starr attempt to pray on Jesse’s need to find God in order to recruit him, and it leads to a largely interesting interaction between the two characters.  Watching Herr Starr explain the origin and purpose of the Grail to Jesse was entertaining, especially when the more outlandish parts had to be explained in detail.  Starr is entertaining as usual, but he spent so much of the episode submissive to Jesse and his powers.  This was perplexed me for the first half of the episode, because the Herr Starr we’ve seen up to this point is always in control.  However he did all this to manipulate Jesse into an alliance.

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This alliance was related to The Grail’s most important secret being revealed, that deep in a secret bunker lies the most holy decedent of Christ… and he’s mentally disabled due to centuries of in-breeding.  This came after the revelation that before his death on the cross, Jesus made the beast with two backs, with another man’s wife.  Not very Christ like behavior, but Preacher likes to take a very human approach to it’s characters, such as with Hitler in Eugene’s story. While using a character’s disabilities for a source of humor can be considered tasteless, the show used this to further wear down Jesse’s faith.  He’s already begun to lose his sense of purpose, and after finding out that the messiah is not what he expected, he’s bound to feel worse.  This will most likely lead him into the arms of the Grail, and a deadly alliance that will make for some great inner-group conflict later this season.  Starr wants Jesse’s power,and will do anything to get it, which includes going after his friends.

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Tulip’s PTSD was starting to get old, but it has now found it’s place in the larger scheme of the season.  Tulip’s fear of the Saint is being used by Herr Starr to turn Jesse’s allies against him.  Featherstone continues her undercover friendship with Tulip, getting close so as to manipulate her for Starr’s larger agenda.  Featherstone is proving to be one of my favorite characters this season, as he ability to manipulate people and her lethal devotion to Herr Starr make her a compelling antagonist.  She slowly convinces Tulip that maybe Jesse can’t be trusted, and this leads Tulip to discovering the Saint’s guns underneath the bathroom tiles.  This moment is great for two reasons: it adds a new twist in the Grail storyline and it’s the culmination of her relationship problems with Jesse.  While the Grail is manipulating Tulip for their own ends, this is not the fist time Jesse’s betrayed Tulip’s trust or done something unethical.  Jesse’s going to have a lot to deal with nest week, and frankly he has it coming.

Cassidy spent this episode trying to reign in his newly turned vampire son, Denis.  He has yet to grasp the severe mistake he made in transforming his son, but he’s blinded by his newfound sense of parenthood.  Denis is clearly being overpowered by his blood-lust, and he’s enjoying a fairly hedonistic lifestyle.  Cassidy is clearly bothered by all this and is stating to notice the signs that something’s going wrong, but he’s blinded by the guilt he feels for abandoning Denis all those years ago.  This slow paced realization will make for a tragic scene when Denis’ lack of impulse control gets, well, out of control.

“Dirty little secret” sets up a number of conflicts for the season to explore in it’s last three episodes.  The Grail’s manipulation of our characters are tied to their emotional journey, making for some compelling television.

Score: 8.6/10


What did you think of this week’s episode of Preacher?  Leave a comment and tell us all your thoughts.



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