On the Petition Against AMC’s Preacher

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

One million moms, a conservative christian organization, recently made a petition asking that AMC cancel it’s series Preacher. This was due to last week’s episode, which featured a virgin Jesus having sexual relations with a married woman. The show also ended with the mentally handicapped descendant of Jesus Christ, who is mentally challenged due to centuries of inbreeding.  The group also went after the Lucifer series because the main character was based on Satan, who evidently they’re not a fan of.

They claim that the show is offensive, and it can be taken that way. However that’s an incredibly superficial understanding of the story that lacks any critical thinking. If the episode was just meant to offend people, then that’s in bad taste, though that also doesn’t mean the show should be canceled. In the case of ‘Dirty Little Secret”, many of the episodes elements that offended the group were done for artistic reasons. The incident towards the end of the episode with Jesus’ descendant was done for an artistic reason as it represented an important moment in a character’s story arc. The petition claims that the Preacher series mocks people of faith, but what it actually shows is a character (Jesse Custer), who is struggling with his faith.  The group also asked for an apology, and frankly AMC does not owe one. The Jesus in that show is a fictional character, not the Jesus shown in the bible. He’s definitely based off the biblical Jesus, but it’s an entirely fictional take on the character. And it’s not meant to be insulting (well in the TV show at least (the comic is another story).

As for the in-breeding, it shows the harmful lengths that a fanatical group like The Grail will go to for their goals, and this is very relevant and serves as a warning to how belief can be put people down the wrong path. That exploration of faith is one of the most important aspects of Preacher. The show is incredibly thoughtful in it’s depictions of faith and is not a bad influence. Instead it’s a show that discusses difficult topics and explores difficult aspects of life. This show is obviously not for children, but for and older audience that can understand the thematic threads the series presents in it’s story-lines. It’s very appropriate for television, and it’s TV-MA rating reflects the audience that would best appreciate and understand the series.

One million moms is one case or many, in which conservative groups ask that shows be canceled because they offend them. To this group I have one thing to say, turn off your television set. If you don’t like it, just don’t watch it. If you don’t tune in to the show every Monday night  you won’t be supporting the ratings and you also will not have to view scenes that offend your values. For example, One Million Moms’ other petitions against various aspects of pop-culture greatly offend me. Their campaign against Marvel and DC Comics for including gay characters in their story-lines is against my values as it perpetuates ignorance. However they have a right to voice their opinions and I felt no desire to sign a petition to end their organization. One Million Moms has the same right to speak their mind as the Preacher creative team has to voice their own. So instead of asking for a TV show to be canceled outright when it offends you, analyse what offended you and why it was included in the story. Maybe then we can bring an end to nonsense petitions like this one. 

For our review of “Dirty Little Secret”, click on the link.


What do you think of the petition and it’s contents? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I thought they were believers in: Be thou without sin to cast the first stone, and judge not lest ye be judged by which you judge. To many Christian organizations are allowed to condemn free speech and thinking. With parental rules in most devices that allow or not allow certain channels they can dictate in their own households not in mine. Also, hey you can turn the channel try taking some initiative in your own life and stay out of other peoples.


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