9 Comic Guests to See at Fan Expo

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Fan Expo Toronto starts tomorrow at 4 pm.  It’s one of the largest pop-culture conventions in the world and features a number of high profile comic guests.  I love this part of Fan Expo as it allows me to interact with the creators of some of my favorite comic book titles.  However as there are many things to see and do at such a large convention, one’s time must be budgeted accordingly.  Therefore here’s a list of some of the high profile comic guests at the convention, though this list is a fraction of who’s actually attending and encourage you all to visit as many as possible.

Scott Snyder

Image result for scott snyder

A writer who has come to great popularity in the last ten years, Scott Snyder is most well known for his hugely successful run on Batman during The New 52.  Snyder has also written popular horror comics such as American Vampire, Wytches and The Wake. Snyder is currently writing the DC Comics event Dark Nights Metal, as well as the ongoing All-Star Batman series.  With so many popular and acclaimed books in the past and present, he’s especially worth  visit.

Greg Capullo

Image result for greg capullo person

Greg Capullo is a veteran of the comic book industry well known for his prolific work on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character.  In the last ten years he’s worked with Snyder on their popular Batman run and penciled Mark Millar’s Reborn.  Capullo’s a legendary artist with popular stints on many popular books and is definitely worth meeting.  He’s been in the industry so long, so all number of things you could ask him.

Jim Lee

Image result for jim lee person

Jim Lee is a comics legend.  Starting his career at Marvel in the late 1980’s, since then he’s drawn just about every character you could think of.  He also helped found Image Comics with his Wildstorm Imprint, and then sold said imprint to gain a high position at DC Comics.  Currently he’s done variant covers for Dark Nights Metal, The Wild Storm and Dark Knight 3: Master Race.  He’s also penciled a few pages in the Metal prologue one shots.  Lee is a superstar artist and I’d highly recommend attempting to gain his autograph.

Steve McNiven

Image result for steve mcniven person

A young gun for Marvel in the mid-2000’s, the artist is known for his detailed and energetic pencil work, illustrating some of the most important event comics in the last 10 years at Marvel.  McNiven is currently one of many artists working on Marvel’s Secret Empire event series.  He’s drawn some of the most important Marvel Comics in the last decade (including Death of Wolverine), so definitely try to get some books signed by him.

Tom King

Image result for Tom King person

Tom King is a fairly new comics writer, but he’s made a splash with several highly acclaimed books for DC Comics.  He’s currently writing the main Batman book and recently launched the excellent Mister Miracle maxi-series.  King’s a rising star in the industry so look out for him at the convention and try to meet the legend-in-the-making.

Jeff Lemire

Image result for jeff lemire perso

Jeff Lemire is no stranger to Fan Expo as he lives in Toronto, but whenever he is in attendance fans should pay attention.  Lemire is an incredibly talented cartoonist and writer, a personal favorite of mine, who is currently working on a number of titles for Image Comics.  Lemire has become a well-known creator in the last ten years, his most recent title being Royal City.  Working in both mainstream and literary comics to much success, Lemire’s a versitile writer that you should see while at Fan Expo.

Erik Larsen

Image result for erik larsen person

Another Image founder, Erik Larsen is the creator of Savage Dragon, the longest running image titles by a single creator.  Larsen’s book is well past two hundred issues, but somehow he always manages to keep it fresh despite it’s length.  Also known for his run on Spider-man following Todd McFarlane in the 90’s, Larsen’s real popularity comes from the Savage Dragon series and founding Image Comics.  Larsen is a significant person to the history of comics, and is someone to meet.

Eric Powell

Image result for eric powell person

The creator of The Goon, a great Dark Horse horror and crime comic, Powell is new to Fan Expo Toronto.  He’s an incredibly versatile artist whose work on The Goon is some of the best comics art in the last decade.  The Goon is an important property at Dark Horse Comics and a popular indie title.  Powell worked hard to get where his is in the comics industry, so the creator is also a wealth of knowledge for those interested.

Adam Kubert

Image result for adam kubert person

Son of comics icon Joe Kubert, Adam Kubert is a prolific penciler, known for his work at both Marvel and DC Comics. Kubert was an important artist at Marvel and the 90’s and has continued to draw excellent work for the publisher. Kubert’s artwork can currently be seen in the Chip Zdarsky penned Spectacular Spider Man.


Who are you most excited to see at Fan Expo Toronto?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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