Preacher: ‘Backdoors’ Review

Written by: Mathew Simoes

This week’s Preacher brought with it some pivotal scenes and expanded upon Jesse’s backstory, specifically his horrible childhood.

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Herr Starr revealed his true plans for Jesse, wanting to use him instead of the messiah, in the coming end times.  This is contrary to the Grail’s mission, positioning Starr against it’s leadership.  This part of his brief exchange with his agents is interesting, as it sets up another conflict further down the line. Featherstone’s devotion to Herr Starr is creepy and quite disturbing, but so far it remains her only character trait.  While I am enjoying her as a new addition to the series, I hope the weiters do more to develop her character beyond the ultra-loyal hench-woman.  Their machinations have also started to divide our main protagonists, as Jesse’s obsession with finding God are putting him at odds with his friends.

More of Jesse’s past was revealed and this explains a lot more of his actions as an adult.  The episode opened with a flashback to Jesse’s childhood, specifically how he was punished by his grandmother.  It was brutal but indicative of how Jesse’s childhood affected him as an adult.  The second flashback showed that the punishment was meant to break him, and make him forget he was ever Custer.  The death of his father and The lack of justice In the situation seems to have affected how Jesse views the world. His obsession with finding God has been connected to a need for order, and this is all being brought back to his harmful childhood.  The series seems to be setting up a future confrontation with Jesse’s family, though that will most likely be in a third season.

The connections between the Grail and Heaven are deepened in this episode as it’s revealed that the Grail records people’s prayers.  The idenof Heaven out sourcing their work load seems quite fitting with the worl of Preacher, and it’s pretty funny.  It was also what caused Jesse to not take up Starr’s offer to work with the Grail.  This being connected to his sense of justice and order, hightened by the recording of a prayer in which Jesse wished his father would die.  Jesse’s rejection has the negative consequence of the Grail releasing the Saint from where Jesse trapped him.  He’s most likely pissed off and ready to butcher our three protagonists, so it will be an interesting last couple of episodes.  He’ll also present the physical threat to Jesse that the Grail hasn’t up until this point.

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Tulip bonded more with the under-cover Featherstone, as well as confront Jesse with his latest lie.  As Tulip comes to terms with the flaws in her relationship with Jesse, she is drawn into a closer friendship with Featherstone.  This friendship is most likely going to end badely for Tulip, who seems to be losing touch with her other friends.  Her growing rift with Jesse was an excellent source of character drama.  While the Grail are not much of a physical threat at this point due to their weakness against the word and the trios’ fighting skills, how  they affect our main characte’s relationships makes up for it.

Cassidy’s scenes with his son Denis we’re interesting, but they didn’t move the story forward.  We were just shown more scenes of the conflict brewing between the characters, but it’s beginning to feel drawn out.  Hopefully the conclusion to this story line will be next week.  Now all that being said, there was something bittersweet about seeing them getting into a verbal arguement while using devices that  allow them to communicate to each other.  Despite the drawn out nature of their scenes, that was a nice touch.

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Eugene’s story isn’t any more interesting than it was before, but the true reveal of Hitler’s worst memory was a great moment in this episode.  While Eugene’s story line is a journey through how much self loathing someone can feel, it always came off as bland.  There was nothing particularly notable about this story except a sympathetic portrayal of Hitler , who has been downplayed heavily in the last few episodes.  This episode, however, finished the painful memory we only got a glimpse of prior.  Hitler’s worst memory is the last day he spent as a good person, before he lost himself to hate and anger.  This put a tragic spin on the character, which whole interesting, does nothing to make this subplot engaging.

This week’s Preacher slowed down the pace of the show and brought back a very dull storyline.  That being said the episode was saved by having some great scenes and, focusing on Jesse and Tulip

Score: 7/10


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