‘Dragon Ball’ Writer Says That Broly is Strongest Character in DBZ

Written by: Artur Galvao

The Dragon Ball series is all about power and pride. The series has always revolved around the notion of powerful fighters can reach new levels of power by obtaining new forms, to prove they’re stronger than the rest.

This notion brings up all kinds of fan debates about which fighter is stronger than another. I admit I’ve also engaged in this discussion however, one opinion reigns supreme is from Takao Koyama, who served as the screenwriter for the various Dragon Ball TV series and a majority of the animated features, dating back to the ’80s.

According to Koyama-san, there is one character who takes the title of “Universal Strongest” in the Dragon Ball lore: and it’s none other than Broly!

Image result for dragon ball broly

In a recent interview with Kanzenshuu, Takao Koyama addressed the question of why his scripts brought Broly back three times, and according to the Dragon Ball visionary, there’s a simple, power-based reason for why we saw Broly repeatedly:

“Because he’s the strongest. (laughs) Even including the TV anime, nobody exists in the world who’s stronger than Broli. I mean, even Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, was trembling in fear. (laughs) I felt that there’s no way that kind of mightiest being would die in a single outing. After all, there were kids who cried at Broly’s overwhelming strength when they saw ‘Burn Up!!’ at Shueisha’s preview screening. (laughs) It’s always difficult coming up with an enemy for Goku, because I’d constantly have to escalate their strength. So, he ended up appearing three times.”

Koyama added that more fuel to the trash-talk fire when he stated that there’s “no way” Goku would ever be able to win in a fight against someone like Broly in a traditional matchup: a lucky break in strategy is the only reason why the Dragon Ball Z fighters were able to defeat Broly in Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly – Second Coming, and Bio-Broly.

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BUT FUCK THAT! Just to engage in this debate, I believe in raw power, Ultimate/Mystic Gohan. In pure form it has to be Gohan. Let me know who you think is the Strongest there is. Definitely Krillin.


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