Marvel and Netflix Reportedly Delaying the Launch of ‘The Punisher’

Written By: Artur Galvao

This week, Marvel announced that they were cancelling the New York Comic Con panel for their upcoming show, The Punisher. The decision was made because of the tragic events in Las Vegas. Now, it seems as if Marvel and Netflix might not be stopping there.

According to Verne Gay of Newsday, Marvel and Netflix will delay the launch of the highly anticipated show. The report says that this is directly because of the Vegas shooting and the show will not premiere in latre fall instead of October.

Recently, it seemed like Netflix was going to do a surprise Punisher reveal this weekend, which would have explained all the teases released without a premiere date. It is not hard to understand why Marvel is moving the show to later in the fall. The Punisher is known for being one of the most brutal characters in comic book history and the show was being touted as having a much darker and vicious tone than the rest of the Marvel/Netflix series.

Marvel also announced that they were cancelling an event in Paris where they were going to show fans the first two Punisher episodes with the rest of the series dropping online soon after.

Neither Marvel or Netflix have confirmed or denied this report at this time.

Marvel’s The Punisher will hit Netflix later this year. 

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