‘Blade Runner 2049’ Co-Writer Says the Film was Partially Inspired by the MCU

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe sent out a frenzy through modern cinema as many studios are now jumping on the world building bandwagon. One film that has expanded an age old world was Blade Runner 2049, the long awaited sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. By why am I talking about two vastly different franchises? Well, according to 2049 co-writer Michael Green, the MCU partially inspired the Blade Runner sequel.

Recently, Green sat down with EW to discuss expanding the world Ridley Scott started and one of his major influences when writing the film was the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“So many studios and property rights holders have seen the success of Marvel, which we all adore and wonder how to replicate it. For me, the lesson of Marvel is: you don’t begin by building a universe. You begin by telling a story worth telling. And if it is a great story directed well and performed brilliantly and stays with people, it will become the black hole around which a galaxy can form.”

Green then went on to explain how he pieced together the 2049 story:

“If you begin by trying to build the universe before creating a film worth watching, well, there be dragons. At no point in the creation of this story or script did anyone talk about spin-offs or how might things continue. It was always: what’s our story and make sure you have a story that is worth the title.”

Clearly Green (and Hampton Francher) knew exactly what they were doing as Blade Runner 2049 premiered to critical acclaim and took top spot at the weekend box office. When Marvel began their shared universe, they slowly but surely expanded their world by introducing a slew of new characters in their own films, including small connections in each. Is Blade Runner 2049 the beginning of a new cinematic universe? Probably not… but 2049 is phenomenal on its own and if you’re going to see any film this weekend, make it the Blade Runner sequel.

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