‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Review Round-Up: Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Written By: Artur Galvao

We are only days away from the highly anticipated premiere of the second season of Netflix’s surprise smash hit, Stranger Things. The first season was praised for its performances, writing and music and now, fans are wondering if season 2 will keep the same magic. Well, the review embargo has finally lifted. Does Stranger Things season 2 hold up compared to the critically acclaimed season one? If early reviews are to believed, it does!

Stranger Things season 2 has debuted to a fantastic 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While prefacing that it is not perfect, critics are praising the surprises, acting and the fact that the show hasn’t fallen into a sequel slump. Check out what critics are saying below!

Daniel Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter:

Stranger Things 2 is quite good and, if your expectations are in check, largely satisfying. The Duffer brothers fall into very few traps of self-importance or self-awareness, and they deliver a second season with an expanded assortment of ’80s influences, an expanded cast of instantly embraceable characters and some expanded Stranger Things mythology without the bloat that inevitably dooms sequels.

Maureen Ryan from Variety:

There are missteps in the second season, many of them revolving around thin or unfortunate writing for some of the new characters. But once you get past the clunky first few installments — which largely restate much of what occurred last season and set up plot points that were easily inferred from the trailers — the drama’s momentum picks up noticeably. As fine as the show’s justly lauded young cast is, the adult actors — especially Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery — anchor every psychological nuance with subtle skill and ease.

Lauren Pister from E! Online:

I can’t say the season is perfect. There are some occasional moments that feel a little slow or confusing or messy, and just the nature of the story means there are some season one dynamics that are lacking for most of season two. But the payoff is so worth it that you forget about any of that by the final scene, and it’s hard to feel anything but satisfied by the time it’s all over…even if there’s inevitably something sinister still looming out of sight.

Kelly Lawler from USA Today:

Despite these faults, Stranger Things isn’t so tired that the repetitiveness overpowers other strong elements. Season 2 is still a mostly satisfying binge-watch that makes good use of a talented multi-generational cast and an intriguing mythology. “Stranger” is right there in the series’ title, and it would be stronger by branching into strangeness in more than just its monsters. 

Ben Travers from IndieWire:

There will be a lot more to discuss once the embargoes have been lifted, fans have dug in, and spoilers can be shared, but “Stranger Things 2” remains the series it’s always been, only bigger. Though repetitive in places and absolutely bursting with plot, the reference-heavy, nostalgia-driven “2” still succeeds at bringing families together for nothing but a good time.

Michael Ahr from Den of Geek:

Overall, Stranger Things season 2 hits just the right mark, and rabid fans are sure to binge all nine episodes with fervor when they drop on Netflix on October 27th. Although there are huge plot points that must go unmentioned in this review to avoid spoilers (including a few weak points of the season), it can be stated with confidence that the new storyline will please fans and critics alike. The moments of horror will induce screams, the tender scenes will elicit tears, and the sense of fun in the carefree ’80s remains strong. And of course, the ending will give viewers plenty of puzzles and hanging threads to discuss endlessly long after the final episode leaves the queue.

Julia Alexander from Polygon: 

Like Stranger Things, Stranger Things 2 is a massive homage to a world that many of us don’t remember or couldn’t partake in. The sci-fi and storytelling elements are familiar, but it still feels distant enough that sinking into the series and marathoning all nine episodes transports you to a different place. Stranger Things 2 is a trip, a celestial journey rooted in a time period many of us are obsessed with, but it’s grounded in the real relationships and friendships we have today. Stranger Things 2 is a convergence of the fantastically extraordinary we wish we would experience and the understandable reality that we exist in; the combination of which creates one hell of a television experience that’s very much worth your time.

So what do you think? Are you watching Stranger Things Season 2? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

Stranger Things season 2 starts streaming on Netflix on October 27, 2017. 



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