James Mangold and X-23 Creator Craig Kyle Working on ‘Logan’ Spinoff

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Yesterday, Logan director James Mangold announced that he was working on a script for an X-23 movie. Today, we can confirm that someone else has joined the X-23 movie team and it’s quite exciting.

Craig Kyle, the creator of the X-23 character, announced on Twitter that he is actually working with Mangold on developing the script for the potential film:

An X-23 movie from the director of Logan and the actual creator of the character? Yes please! The news is sure to please die hard fans. Kyle created X-23/Laura Kinney for the animated series, X-Men: Evolution before appearing in the X-Men comics. Dafne Keen portrayed the character in a critically acclaimed performance and rumors of a spinoff film have been circling Hollywood ever since Logan’s premiere.

Recently, X-23 became Marvel’s new Wolverine following the death of Logan. Her solo comic has received considerable acclaim since debuting and audiences can expect to see a similar story if they film gets greenlit. It’s also unclear as to when her film would take place, as it so far removed from any of the previous X-Men movies. We’ll just have to wait and see if the film hits production.

Logan is on blu-ray and digital HD everywhere now.


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