Super Mario Odyssey Review

Written by: Artur Galvao

We haven’t done one of these in a while have we? Remember… we are university students after all. But, midterms are done and so, let’s discuss and Super Mario Odyssey, which is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Before the review here is a little background of the on the game, along with some expectations. Super Mario Odyssey is directed by Kenta Motokura. He’s worked on titles like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. We’ll see how his involvement impacted this game. As for the expectations of this game, people were freaking out about, and so was I. I got to play the 30-minute demo at Fan Expo Toronto, and it was my favorite game at the event. However, as we’ll see, the game doesn’t go beyond those expectations. Well with out of the way let’s start the review for Super Mario Odyssey. Keep mind this game is getting enough praise as it is, so I’ll be focusing more on its faults than anything else.

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The Good:

First, since this is a Mario game there are certain things that we gamers take for granted. For example the music is great, and you’ll be humming the soundtrack for the next month in your head. Secondly, the game looks aesthetically beautiful. It’s bright and vibrant and really shows off some of the graphical capabilities of the Switch. Lastly, the gameplay is as great as ever, with new abilities welcomed. The newest and most unique ability of Odyssey is Mario’s Hat. It can break blocks, possess and kill enemies, and be used additional platform for Mario. Lastly, Odyssey allows you to customize Mario, something that was seen in another popular Nintendo game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These customs are purely for aesthetic purposes, but it feels rewarding to obtaining them.


The Bad:

Before I begin the section just know that this is a great Mario game… or just a great game in general, so to some people this section will be superfluous. You can call it nitpicking, but I believe these are genuine issues with the game. First the stage selection is good but not great. The one standout stage that comes to mind is New Donk City, but we had already seen it was on every advertisement and it was in every demo shown is events like E3 and Fan Expo. I would have loved to see more creative level design that I know they can do. With Kenta Motokura acting as director, one would expect better designed levels. This is not say the levels are bad, but I feel like they could be improved on. This issue is perpetuated by the way the game positions the moon pieces, which act as this game star pieces. This game must have at least 500 moon pieces, which is good if you enjoy collecting things but only having 14 levels causes many to just be out in open. I would have preferred less moon pieces but with a more rewarding way for obtaining them. Lastly, what is about to be detailed next isn’t a problem but more of a suggestion to gamers. If you didn’t like Mario 64 style of play, where you can play the same level multiple times because of different objectives, Odyssey shares that style of play and can be off-putting to some. Personally I didn’t enjoy 64 but I did enjoy Odyssey.

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Overall this game is a great Mario game but I just wasn’t blown away by it as much as I wanted to. Despite that, this game will keep a smile on your face throughout its entirety. In conclusion this is a great addition to the Switch catalogue of games and one every Switch owner should look into buying.

Artur’s Rating: 8.5/10

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