New ‘Justice League’ Concept Art Reveals Batman’s Flying Fox

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Many superheros are known for their powers and special abilities. Batman on the other hand, has no powers. He’s a regular guy with a thirst for justice and so, he relies on his technology, mind and fighting ablities to protect Gotham. When Justice League rolls around in 2 weeks, it’ll be no different as Ben Affleck’s caped crusader will be taking on Steppenwolf and his parademon army with loads of new tech, one of which is the flying fox.

The flying fox will serve as Batman’s main source for flying in the film and, thanks to a production designer from the film and some new concept art, fans can get a closer look into Batman’s newest toy.

Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos recently spoke with the LA Times about the creation and design of the newest gadget where he revealed some major details. Specifically, the decision to move the cockpit back instead of leaving it in its traditional spot near the nose of the plane:

“That little movement made it special. It started to make it more like the Batmobile.”

Tatopolous went on to say that the design of the flying fox was inspired by the DCEU’s batmobile, giving it a more aged, roughed up feel:

“Batman doesn’t go in the Batcave every weekend and wash the car and the jet.”

The flying fox itself will be CGI but Tatopolous and his crew did build a full scale interior of the vehicle, creating a cockpit, tech station and cargo area. He then said that the fox has even more capabilites that will only be seen when the film debuts and that its akin to a kids toy:

“The more cool things it does, the more it becomes a great vehicle for the movie and a great toy for kids — it’s all the same thing.  We’re all like kids. We all want that jet on our desks at home.”

Check out the concept art in the gallery below!

Justice League premieres in theatres on November 16, 2017.

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