Brian Michael Bendis Signs Exclusive deal with DC Comics

Written by:Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Earlier today is was reported that Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive deal with publisher DC Comics. This was revealed via a statement on Twitter by the publisher, and later confirmed by Bendis himself through the writer’s Twitter account.

Bendis is a longtime writer for Marvel Comics, having worked with the publisher for seventeen years. He has contributed heavily to the publisher over the past two decades, which includes long runs on fan-favorite characters, establishing the Ultimate Marvel imprint with Ultimate Spider Man, and being the architect for several company wide crossovers.  Bendis has also created characters like Jessica Jones and Miles Morales, both of whom have recently entered the company’s larger media franchise.

Bendis is currently writing Invincible Iron man, Jessica Jones, Defenders and Spider Man for Marvel Comics.  No further information has been provided about Bendis’ deal or when he will finish his current ongoing series commitments. With the DC deal being exclusive, Bendis will most likely being taking his creator owned series, such as Powers and United States of Murder Inc, with him in the move. This could potentially help bolster the output of DC imprints such as Vertigo.


What do you think of Bendis’ move to DC Comics? Leave any thoughts, feelings or concerns (even if they have nothing to do with this article) in the the comments.

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