David Harbour On How Long ‘Stranger Things’ Should Last

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Two weeks after Netflix’s hottest show, Stranger Things, released its highly anticipated second season, fans are already looking towards the future and can’t seem to stop discussing where the show should go from here. Season two picks up a year after the events of the debut season and, not only expands the lore of the series, but has a nice little tease at the end that sets up the future for the show. But fans have continuously debated the topic of “how long should the series last?” The creators of Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers, recently said that they see the show lasting four seasons but one star of the show has another idea.

David Harbour, who plays everybody’s favourite sheriff, Chief Hopper, said in an interview with Variety that he thinks the show should go for five seasons:

“I’ve heard the Duffers say that they want to end it at four. I will say that I do feel like I would see it run for five seasons. I do know that there’s an end to the story. And I know that there’s an end for all of these characters. And I’m happy about that, because I don’t want it to become like other shows, which are great shows, but like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones where you continue to spiral out of the story just to create content. I know that we have a story to tell. I know that it can be wrapped up either in four or five seasons. I think four is a little quick. Because I think it’s such a great show, I don’t want to let it go that soon. But I do think five will be the perfect number where we can tell our story, have it be really rich and something people can watch and go back to watch again. But we can also get out before you get tired of us.”

And with that, the chief has spoken. Harbour doesn’t mince words here as he calls out wildly popular shows for just creating content without considering the story first. With a five season limit, Stranger Things could neatly tell the story the want to and give fans satisfying closure. Over the years, shows have been known to decline in quality at season six so Stranger Things finishing at season five would be a solid way to avoid this.

The Duffer Brothers have said that they are already know where season three is going to go, having confirmed that there will be another time jump as well. In addition, Netflix has commissioned a third season so expect to see these characters again in the not-so-distant future. Season two, while ending on a happier note than the previous season, did lay the groundwork for the future. The Shadow Monster is out there and he’s not too happy with the citizens of Hawkins. With a shorter series run, fans should anticipate a compelling story that doesn’t slow down until the very end.

Stranger Things season two is streaming on Netflix now. 

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